Larry McDonald interview is now live!

It’s here! I am proud to announce that my interview with Larry McDonald is now live on both this website, and YouTube!

To start: Larry is no ordinary analyst. He was one of the top distressed debt traders in the world during his career, and his current network includes a streaming chat-box of some 600 of the very top investment greats in the world – sharing their thoughts and observations on a live basis throughout the day. This knowledge pool is unmatched.

I’m not kidding when I say this interview is a must-see. It will open your eyes, and prepare you for macro trends coming into play. I also believe that if you have not read Larry’s latest book “How to Listen when markets speak”, you are doing yourself a serious disservice. Larry’s work, and his newest book, have literally changed my perspective on the macro investment climate.

Just a few of the talking points from Larry’s interview: The potential for an oil & gas supply/demand crisis, Government debt & markets, The AI valuation question, Why ETF’s may cause a volatility boom, A different kind of banking crisis, Aging electrical grids in an era of massive demand, Base metals, rare earth and other overlooked opportunities as the above factors come into fruition.

Any fool can make money in a bull market.

There’s a reason why ValueTrend has been producing reliable, low volatility performance through thick n’ thin. Check out or long term performance — paying particular attention to our 3 year numbers, which include the 25% drawdown on the SPX in 2022. Most people lost money that year. We were near flat.

Any fool can make money in a bull market.  But to avoid the big drawdowns, and produce consistent results, it takes a systematic approach – as taught in my Online Course.

You also need an understanding of the big factors that surround us. And that’s what this video is about.

I know you will enjoy this video interview with Larry. It’s a must-see. I promise. You will leave armed with a deep understanding of the issues that will drive the beast that is the market (as Larry likes to say). Please share this video with your friends and family by forwarding this blog, or the direct link to them.

Interview with Larry McDonald Link


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  • Great interview Keith! Any chance of you creating a playlist on your YT channel for your interviews so that we can easily browse through past recordings?

      • Found it, thanks. I was looking for the Jay Keappel interview but didn’t remember his name. I’m curious how his indicators will work during this US election.

        • I follow him on twitter–he sometimes posts his summaries there. I do get his research via a paid subscription to sentimentrader too–not too expensive if you buy their basic pkg

  • I think we get to around 6200 on the spx before we get any kind of decent correction. This based on a big ABC up formation on the monthly charts that started in march of 2020.

  • Wow ! Really… Wow ! Super great interview Keith. Thanks a lot to you and to Larry McDonald. He is really interesting. I can see why you were eager to post this interview. I loved it ! I’m probably gonna buy his book as well (I already got yours… ).

    I’m a technical guy. Usually not that interested by the fondamentals. But I don’t know. I just loved what Larry had to say. Among other things, I was wondering why the Palladium/Platinum had not gone up like the Gold and the Silver did… as they have similar seasonality. The pure EV vs Hybrid cars story could be the explanation (I’ll keep that in mind and probably leg in on pullbacks).

    Very interesting and can’t wait for your next stuff ! Have a good one !

    • Thanks Lou–he’s a great guy to follow for his macro view. As a subscriber to his institutional research, I can say his big calls are correct about 85-90% of the time. In this business, to make predictions and be that accurate is a rarity. He’s on twitter if you wish to follow his general work.

      • Ok thanks for the tip. I’m really not on any social media but for this one, I might do an exception ! lol. Thanks


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