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January 28, 201610 Comments

Keith on BNN: Changed to Tuesday Feb. 2nd at 1:00PM

 Tune in to BNN to catch me live on BNN’s premier call-in show, where viewers like yourself can ask my technical opinion on the stocks you hold.

Call in with questions during the show’s live taping between 1:00 and 2:00 pm. The toll free number for questions is 1 855 326 6266. You can also email questions ahead of time to [email protected] – it’s important that you specify they are for me.

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  • Keith, I think you recommended Keyera last year, more for income but also because of the nice chart. Ive had this on my radar for a while so bought some a while back. Now Im down maybe 12%. Is the next possible rally I time to get out or is this a long term hold?

    [PS. I know you dont believe necessarily in the LTH in this environment]


    • its been range bound since late 2014 –in the $34 – $44 range. Its at the bottom of that range–I think it will rally back to $44 when / if/ as oil rallies into the spring (if that in fact does happen) so I would look to exit at a price over $40. I still hold it. Originally bought in the $34 area I recall.

  • Hi Keith,
    Further to your oil point, do you see the price rallying to $40.00 through the next two or three months?

  • Are you favourable to pipelines? I would really appreciate your opinion on Enbridge Income Fund. Do you believe it is worth buying on the breakout? It had been recommended by Ross Healy earlier this week. I really appreciate this.

    • Best to ask that if you can on Tuesday by phoning into my BNN marektcall show John. It looks like its breaking its downtrend, but its early yet.

  • Saw some of the feb 2 BNN show – Missed your picks. What were they, please? Allan Blair

    • CASH
      XGD (this was a “wait” pick–I don’t hold it yet–its on our watch list with a high probability buy point in the near term).

  • Good show Keith,

    Thoughts on your preference of the euro FXE over the Yen FXY.

    The Yen has historically been the safe haven and has negative correlation with the S&P. It also has the stronger long term trend.


    • Hanson–thanks for this comment on the Yen–it too is forming a base, and yes, it has been a negatively correlated currency to the USD. We like both. We have bought FXE, but are also considering FXY (Yen currency shares) also.
      Good you brought that to the readers attention.


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