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Welcome to ValueTrend's selection of Keith Richards' Canadian Moneysaver articles. This assembly of pieces dives into a wide range of investment topics, from the contemplation of investment bubbles to the intricacies of presidential impeachments and their impact on the stock market. Keith's expertise shines through in discussions on the strategic approaches to emerging markets, the dynamics of stock market corrections, and the disciplined art of knowing when to hold or fold investments. Each article, listed and linked below, is aimed at demystifying complex market phenomena, offering readers valuable strategies for navigating through volatility with informed decisions. Whether you're exploring the potential of ETFs versus stocks, considering the timing for sector rotation, or evaluating opportunities in a volatile market, Keith's analyses equip you with the foresight to venture beyond conventional wisdom, embracing contrarian views and strategic planning.

November/December 2019- Richards_What Does A Presidential Impeachment Mean "In this article, I’d like to look at America’s two presidential impeachment inquiries, and the market’s reaction to these events. I wanted to explore just how much impact an impeachment inquiry of President Trump might have on the stock market."

March 2019- Zen, and the Art of Investing in Emerging Market- "The Great thing about technical analysis is that it is dynamic."

June 2018 - Stock Market Musings - Interestingly, corrections of any significance since the 2009 market bottom have NOT been driven by terrorist acts, political events, or international catastrophes (manmade or natural).  It has been the Fed, and the fear of (or actuality of) its surrounding decisions, who have moved the markets.  Fear of unplugging the stimulus drug drove markets to pull back - not world events.  The drug is being unplugged.  Can chart patterns tell us anything about when a significant correction will occur?

March/April 2018- You gotta know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em - Here's how ValueTrend uses a sell discipline to limit risk.

January 2018 - Take Advantage of Sector Rotation and Tax Policy Changes - Presenting some thoughts on combining a seasonal pattern with some tax considerations regarding your winning and losing stocks

September 2017 - Opportunity Awaits - There are a few indications that the market may be ripe for a short-termed pullback.

March/April 2017 - Reader Questions Answered: Options Contracts  - A look at the basics of Options: Calls, Puts, and Covered Calls.

February 2017 - Should You Buy ETFs Or Stocks? - When we try and decide if we should buy a sector ETF versus a good stock, we want to examine the variability of stocks within that sector.

January 2017 - Avoid The Herd With These Contrarian Investments - Contrarian investing is the easiest investment strategy in hindsight, but the hardest one to execute in foresight.

October, 2016 - Time to Check the Bear-o-Meter - The Bear-o-Meter is designed to give us a probability reading of market direction over the next 1-6 months.

July/August 2016 - Fallen Angels - For those who like to look at stocks and sectors that have been out of favour (yet are showing signs of a turnaround) this article might offer some starting points for exploration.  I’ve listed a number of “fallen angels” that appear to be technically improving.  This list is by no means extensive – it’s just a handful of candidates that appear to be turning around.

May 2016 - Opportunities in a volatile marketIt is my opinion that bounces should be used as an opportunity to lighten equity positions, and dips can be used as selective buying opportunities.

January 2016 - Rotation will be key this winter - It is my opinion that markets, sectors, and stocks are now changing and will continue to change leadership rapidly in the coming months and years.  This rotation will require more than just a buy-and-hold approach.


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