Keith on BNN Tomorrow (Thursday May 25)

Keith on Bloomberg BNN tomorrow, Thursday May 25th, 12:00 noon

Be sure to call in with your questions. I do my best to get the producer to prioritize blog reader questions, so mention you read my blog.

It also helps me if you mention you read the blog on air–spread the love!

Here’s the contact info for the show. Note:  Calls are prioritized over emails, so best to go that route:

CALL TOLL-FREE 1-855-326-6266
Find us on Twitter:
Email: [email protected]


  • I’m going to call in and ask about MU micron. the set up looks very strong for a move higher

  • the daily candlestick chart illustrated the defined neckline on MU far better than the chart they broadcast on market call

    • yes the charts are pretty basic on the show–not much detail

    • Great show as always. I will be reading the blog!

      • Glad to have you on board Deborah. Start by reading my latest entry called “Same old song” to get up to speed

  • Interesting comment on BNS…guest Brian Acker had said it was to drop to 57….still waiting. Now, on the show you said it seems to only go sideways or up from here. Great see such diverse opinion making

    Regarding the Oracle from Omaha, he should learn to be generous, and pay dividends. Even you were surprised that Warren B was hoarding his positive income and cash flow for himself, all these years.


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