Avoiding the pain, seeking the gains

September 7, 20232 Comments

My recent video is an important one for you to watch. I covered some charts of specific companies that can provide leading evidence of an economic slowdown. Its important to understand the message that these stocks are delivering. We need to identify stocks that are most vulnerable in a softer economy, and then avoid them! We need to focus on owning sectors that are less impacted, or may even benefit from, the same economic trend.

I recorded this at my cottage, which ties into the message of the video. Hope you gain some insights. Here’s the link


MoneyShow Saturday Sept 9th at 3:00 PM

I call the presentation “Profit in any market”. That’s because a vital part of investing goes beyond good analysis. You need to establish rules as to how and when you will position your portfolio so you don’t get caught in a firestorm!

I love to personally meet my readers in person at the show. So come out if you live in southern Ontario – I try to have a chat with individual attendees after my talk.

I’ll also have my books available at a special discount price, and will be happy to sign them for you. Of note: SmartBounce is now off the market. So if you want a copy, it will likely be your last chance to get one! I am editing and updating my book Sideways, and it should be back on Amazon in a couple of months. Meanwhile, I will have the original books on hand at the show.

BTW – its really helpful if you register for the show ahead of time. It doesn’t cost anything to register, but it does save you lineup time – you get to go to the pre-registered line if you register ahead of time. Here is the link (this allows you to attend any presentation):

Richards, Keith (moneyshow.com)


  • I notice a huge inverse head and shoulders on the DJIA. Actually two of them one on daily and a big one on the weekly daily. Seems to go against the generally bearish outlook for the next few months or longer.

    • Read todays Bear-o-meter blog. Evidence suggests a pullback but not a bear. Likely to recover after the fall, IMO. So long as we are above the 200 day and above 4200 on the SPX, we are in a recovery and proceeding bull market, in my way of looking at things.


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