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Websites – Features a free Daily Journal highlighting breakouts, stocks with momentum, and bottom formations with commentary and an Investor Education section to learn more about technical analysis, momentum indicators and more.

TechTalk – Timing the Market  – Founded by Don and Jon Vialoux, TechTalk offers a free daily market report that provides seasonality, fundamental, and technical analysis of the stock markets.

Equity Clock  – Founded by Jon Vialoux, Equity Clock provides daily reports and updates that identify periods of reoccurring strength among stocks, commodities, currencies, and bonds, including the fundamental factors influencing prices over these time frames.

Alpha Mountain  – The home of Brooke Thackray, a research analyst with Horizons ETFs (Canada) Inc.  Brooke provides monthly newsletters and video updates on seasonal investment strategies and highlights many of the trades and strategies used in the HAC Seasonal Rotation ETF.  – The home of Investor’s Digest, The MoneyLetter, and others, this group is Canada’s largest provider of independent investment advice offering in-depth information on Canadian companies and select US stocks, as well as comprehensive coverage of more than 20 investing topics and a catalogue of free investment reports.

BNN MarketCall  and BNN MarketCall Tonight   – MarketCall is Canada’s leading stock market call-in program where top money managers and analysts give their insights and top picks.

GSAM (Get Smarter About Money) – An educational website provided by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) providing financial tools and information to help people make better and more-informed financial decisions.

5iResearch – An informative site for the independent Canadian investor ChartSchool – An educational source for all things Technical Analysis, as well as the ability to generate your own charts. The site includes a blog section on the technical analysis of stock trends.

Canada Stock Channel – Educating US investors about Canadian stocks.

Blogs – A resource for all things trading, including a number of educational articles for independent investors.

Recommended Books

Of course, there is SmartBounce and Sideways by yours truly, but here’s a list of other great and informative reads:

Time In, Time Out: Outsmart the market using calendar investment strategies – Brooke Thackray

Thackray’s Investor’s Guide: How to profit from seasonal market trends – Brooke Thackray (Published Annually)

Stock Trader’s Almanac – Jeffrey A. Hirsch (Published Annually)

Canadian MoneySaver – A magazine, rather than a book – but a great source of unbiased information for independent Canadian investors

The Art of Contrary Thinking – A classic from the grandfather of contrarian investing: Humphrey B. Neill

Technical Analysis Explained – Martin J. Pring

The Intelligent Investor – Another classic by Benjamin Graham that belongs on every investors bookshelf

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets – John Murphy

The Wave Principle of Human Social Behaviour and the New Science of Socionomics – Robert Prechter


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