How to take over the world. A Guide.

December 30, 202321 Comments

This is my annual full-length rant blog. Its off topic with political content. This blog is my opinion (right or wrong), and doesn’t necessarily reflect those of my staff.  


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Today I want to focus on our governments involvement with the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s “Great Reset” plan, and why that matters. I just scratch the surface here. I had to reduce content substantially (far too big a topic), so click the embedded links for details.

To break the seriousness of this dire situation – I’ve inserted 7 Great Reset Jokes – highlighted by a laughing emoji.

You’re never wrong to do the right thing – Mark Twain

This blog was inspired by a sign on a lawn where I ride my bike. It echo’s my sentiment & why I am so outspoken about these things:


What the WEF “Great Reset” is, and why it matters

The Great Reset is part of a generational creep towards a Globalist Marxist worldview. It started more than a decade ago within our schools. And now its penetrated countries through indoctrination and placement of cooperative political elites – backed by foreign electoral interference.

To start, lets look at the three key initiatives of the Great Reset. They are, per Wikipedia, “Green” growth, “Smart” growth, and “Fair” growth. Sounds good, right? Not so fast, Poindexter! This Globalist agenda is directed by a group of “selfless” political elites and equally “selfless” large corporations who will work together in “unselfish” harmony to orchestrate global governance.  All in the best interest of “peoplekind”, of course.

Concerns with The Reset:

  1. Transparency: Should  key decisions be made around a global economic policy by wonderfully trustworthy, selfless corporate heads and politicians located somewhere far away from our country? Or should a countries policies be made by that country on more democratic and accountable processes that best suits that unique country?


  1. Economic Impact: Socialism has been tried so many times through history with failed results.  Increased government intervention, if history is a guild, will have negative economic consequences, including job losses and reduced economic growth. In fact, we are witnessing the economic impact of the WEF influence as I write. Is Canada better off than it was 8 years ago?

  1. Loss of Personal Freedoms:  More control, less choice. Infringements on individual rights, freedoms, privacy (vaccines and employment or travel restrictions, property rights, for example) are being witnessed today.  Governments and corporations become more involved in shaping people’s lives. Witness the bank account freezing of those who legally contributed to the 2021 freedom convoy, while we turn a blind eye to Hamas supporters. The car you drive, the places you go, the property you own, the food you eat. The list goes on! Imagine if digital currency becomes a reality. You get a message when you fill up your car with gas or buy some meat at the grocer. “You have reached your allowable carbon allowance. This transaction is disallowed”.

  1. Concentration of Power: The Great Reset will lead to a concentration of power in the hands of a few global elites and large corporations. This is what centralized power means.  Its about Centralized Government control. This includes, amongst other initiatives, Centralized Bank Digital Currency, and a Digital medical ID. 

  1. Political and Ideological Differences: The Great Reset is aligned with socialist political and ideological agendas. Clearly, this does not align with the beliefs and values of everyone.

Resilience“If you value your right to public health, to privacy, to access healthy food or to democratic representation, be wary of the words ‘stakeholder capitalism’ when they pop up at the next Davos summit. 

“In practice, The Great Reset has corporations become the main stakeholders, while governments take a backseat roleWEF partners include some of the biggest companies in oil (Saudi Aramco, Shell, Chevron, BP), food (Unilever, The Coca-Cola Company, Nestlé), technology (Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple) and pharmaceuticals (AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna).”


 There is a stark choice between a human rights-led approach carried out by the UN and a profit-led approach carried out by multi-stakeholder bodies representing the interests of corporations.


Great Reset in Canada: Just conspiracy theory?

“It apparently needs saying that not all conspiracy theories are created equal. Some aren’t conspiracy theories at all. Even to mention Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset in Canadian political conversation is to risk being branded a conspiracy theorist. But it’s a real-deal “world governance” manifesto it’s absolutely bonkers from start to finish, everyone from Justin Trudeau to the King (in a previous role) has made approving noises about it, and to the very limited extent it should be taken seriously, everyone should oppose it.” Chris Selley, NP

Klaus Schwab (Chairman WEF) openly claims he has “infiltrated” governments around the world. In 2017 he proudly claimed he was able to “penetrate” (his words) the cabinet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Here is the video

Justin Trudeau AND Chrystia Freeland are members of the WEF. They have webpages on the site- per the links.

Justin Trudeau himself has openly admitted that he wants to bring the Reset mandate to Canada – here.

How do the Davos Elites travel the oceans? With Dictatorships!

Switzerland Davos Forum

Reset the world in 5 easy steps

Lord knows they all just wanna have total control. Wanna know what you think, wanna know what you do. And they don’t think you know, but I know that you do – Oliver Anthony

I’ll now cover 5 control techniques used by the Reset gang. I have an historic interest in WW2 history – the best source being this book.  These strategies were discussed in that historic work of Germany in the 1930’s & 40’s. You can witness the same control techniques today in China, North Korea, Afghanistan.  

I should note that the Google – a member of the WEF  (same forces who halted any open discussions surrounding COVID) will censor a blog using certain words. Welcome to the Great Reset (see step one- below). As such, I have changed the name of a strange German man with a tiny mustache who tried taking over the world. His name was Rudulf Halter. His party was the NASTY party.

Before you get yourself tied into a tizzy:

I am NOT saying Trudeau is a NASTY – he is not, and I make no claims he is. I am also NOT saying Canada is totalitarian. Although our level of freedom has certainly changed over the past few years! I note the following to illustrate non-democratic government control techniques used throughout history.

STEP 1: Control of the media 

A while ago, I wrote a blog covering why legacy media has inherent bias to;

  1. Support the Trudeau government with a positive bias
  2. Fail to report information that would reduce the trust or popularity of the PMO.

“Making sure you don’t hear what we don’t want you to hear.  Brought to you by the internets most trusted source of lies” – News media parody by JP Reacts, comedian

Discussions of this bias was covered recently at the National Citizens Inquiry here here and here.

The Trudeau government is now getting into registration and AI monitoring of our comments on social media. Big brother is watching.

Bottom line: History shows that totalitarian governments control the narrative as objective number one.

Control the media, and the internet. Hide the truth, slander those with opposing opinions (see step 4, below).

Example: Back in May 1933 Halter induced mass burning across Germany of banned books. His propaganda minister took control of the media, he regulated content & speech. When you control the narrative, the crowd is easier to sway. China, North Korea, Afghanistan follow similar media controls.

Trudeau’s Heritage (propaganda?) Minister Pablo Rodriguez believes that unregulated speech “erodes the foundations of democracy.”

Um, OK.

STEP 2: Control of the judicial system 

This is a big one!! Trudeau’s government is notorious for appointing acknowledged Liberal supporting judges and “special rapporteur’s” including friends, contributors and a cottage neighbor. Here’s a disturbing article  on the subject of lopsided justice in the PMO – I strongly recommend reading it! Trudeau also  regularly gets support from his partners in crime (NDP) to block investigations such as the WE scandal, China’s electoral interference and the recent blocking of the RCMP testimony on the SNC scandal. The appointment of Liberal supporting judges continues.

Yet another comparative taken out of Halter’s playbook in his rise to power (he appointed sympathetic judges and got rid of those who were not, early in his political career).

Justin Trudeau agreed to meet with the N Korean dictator. When asked why he did so: “He’s my kind of guy. Crazy, disillusioned, arrogant and deceitful” said Kim Jong-un

STEP 3: Become the savior

The WEF identifies its Reset plan is “the savior of a world on the brink of disaster” by forming a global leadership for the world. Throughout history, totalitarian governments have always posed as saviors.

Again, to use Halter’s example – he created the image that his party was “the savior of a world on the brink of disaster“. That, by the undoing of the  “unfair” treaty after losing WW1. Then by forming a global leadership to rule the world. The world would be a better place to be! China, North Korea have always painted their leaders as saviors against the evils of the west.

Here’s a screenshot from the Netflix movie “Halter, A career”:

STEP 4: Identify an enemy. 

In this case, the enemy is the “unfair” capitalist system helping the rich.  And “climate change”. And lets not forget “old guard” conservatives! Especially those who do not bow down to WOKE authority- more on that later.

Halter identified the enemy as Jews – the “unfair” business people taking from the German common folk.  North Korea and Afghanistan have painted the west as the enemy – censoring their people from capitalist ideals.

“Do we tolerate these people?” – Justin Trudeau

In WW2 Germany inspired neighbors to “rat” on each other for noncompliance.  It was also your duty to expose your neighbors harboring Jews. Innocent people had to sew the Star of David on their garments. They felt the effects of more than 400 decrees and regulations that restricted all aspects of their public and private lives.

During COVID, Trudeau inspired neighbors to “rat” on each other for noncompliance of lockdowns (a hotline!). PQ went ever further with curfews.  Unvaccinated people were disallowed travel in domestic planes and trains. You had to have a vaccine passport to go to restaurants, etc. Some lost their jobs for not being jabbed. Despite there being NO science behind such a policy. Government inspired a new term, “Anti vaccers”. Perhaps Trudeau should have sown an emblem on their garments?

The truth is, repressive governments like Trudeau’s will say and do anything to maintain their authoritarian control.

“They don’t believe in science/progress and are very often misogynistic and racist….This leads us, as a leader and as a country, to make a choice: Do we tolerate these people?” Justin Trudeau, 2021

So you’re misogynistic & racist if you don’t get the jab??????

Spot the mysogynist: Well known for marginalizing female MP’s like Jody Raybould, Celina Caesar-Chavannes, Jane Philpott – when it was reported he had groped a woman at an event, Trudeau apologized.  “If I had known you were reporting for a national paper, I never would have been so forward.”. He also elbowed a woman in Parliament.  MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau got a sharp elbow to the breast when she dared to get his way. A sharp, obvious jab that hurt Ms. Brosseau, as he reportedly yelled “Get the f*** out of the way!”. But, Trudeau’s not a violent, groping misogynist. Its the truckers!

Whos’ a racist? Truckers who don’t get the jab…..or someone who has worn blackface too many times to count?? Including one occasion singing “Dayo” while shoving a banana down his pants? But, Trudeau’s not a racist. Its the truckers who didn’t get the jab that are!


Step 5: Religion as competition

To any totalitarian government, authority outside of the state is a threat. That is, unless they use religion to support their power (crusades, jihad). History is filled with dictators crushing religion’s influence. Government replaces God. Rudulf Halter hated Judaism and Christianity. China exercises control & restricts activities and personal freedom of religious adherents when perceived as threatening. Just ask any Chinese members of the Falun Gong religion. As does Cuba and Russia. Stalin outlawed religion.

Note Canada’s persecution of ministers during COVID, Trudeau’s flippant remarks of “understandable” surrounding the church burnings,  the cancellation of prayer during Remembrance Day, and the ongoing Canadian government battles with Judaism and traditional Muslim family values 

How will  Klaus Schwab take over the world & squash alternative opinions in one keystroke?: He’ll hit Control, Alt-Delete

A symptom, not the cause

From an interview with Benjamin Dichter, author of Trucking for Freedom:

“Trudeau is a symptom, not the cause. He doesn’t make any decisions. He has no idea what’s going on. You have bureaucrats behind the scene that are running the entire country. Trudeau is just the puppet they run out to be the punching bag. They tell him “Justin, go out and talk about these 4 things”. That’s why he seems so incongruent from what’s actually going on. vs. what he’s saying. He has no clue!”

Why don’t WEF Reset Elites text by hand when messaging?  Because they prefer to be dictators.


You will comply

COVID was an opportunity to fast-forward the Great Reset. It trained people across the world to be compliant. Lockdowns, travel restrictions, small business shutdowns, masks, injections. Good training, indeed.

“The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world” – Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum.

The Great Reset is what socialism has always been about. A two part society… the elites, and the rest of us. Read Animal Farm if you have not already. Do you believe that Justin Trudeau will stop eating meat, flying private jets to elaborate vacations, and stop being chauffeured in gas guzzling SUV’s? The Reset is about elitist control. Creating dependence. Imposing restrictions. Energy usage. “15 minute cities”, travel restrictions. Forcing Canada to go EV by 2035 despite controversy surrounding affordability, practicality, and environmental impact. Restricting nitrates on farms to reduce crop yields, restricting meat production. Mediocre Medicare for all. Socialist “equality” programs to squash dreams of abundance, tax away wealth. Control body autonomy. Control the narrative. Judicialize against opposition to the elitist authoritarians. Digital currencies. Even digital ID’s.

Welcome to the Great Reset.

A group of WEF Elites walk into a bar. They proceed to order everyone a-round.



“There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China. Their basic dictatorship is actually allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime.” Justin Trudeau

WOKE no joke

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” MLK

The rise of WOKENESS is, according to Dichter (noted above), one of the steps towards the Reset. Is WOKENESS about indoctrination, distraction, and control?

Distraction: we spend more time worrying about what pronoun to call someone – rather than on solutions for the broken Canadian Medicare system, or the food & housing crises!

Indoctrination: Our youngest generations are being indoctrinated through schools and institutions. Eg- Ontario teachers are forced to teach that math is racist – amongst other WOKE nonsense!!

Arnold Schwarzenegger warns America is creating a ‘generation of wimps’ Terminator star says

Priorities: Mothers get a day. Pride gets a month. Society is being taught to be WOKE.


  • WOKENESS restricts your speech. What you can say, what you can’t.
  • WOKENESS restricts what you believe. Contrary opinions will be shouted down.
  • WOKENESS is divisive & tribal. To me, this is the biggest problem with WOKE. We are classified by race, religion, politics, sexuality, gender, income, ancestors. Not as unique individuals.

Ayn Rand: “The smallest minority is the individual. Those who deny individual rights, cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.”

  • WOKENESS wants companies to hire on an agenda, not merit
  • WOKENESS tells you to feel guilty over things you had nothing to do with historically, or in your personal life.
  • WOKENESS pushes an imposed narrative. It discourages debate on subjects like the climate, or freedom of speech
  • WOKENESS expects us to reject logic & scientific / biological facts. We must focus on “feelings” instead.
  • WOKENESS creates cancel culture. Tear down the statue of Sir John A MacDonald and General Lee. Forget distasteful history. Trudeau’s crew “forgot” that Ukraine was an enemy when honoring a NASTY WW2″hero” in parliament.

How many WOKE liberals does it take to change a lightbulb? Five. One to do the job, and four to form a support group.


The Great Reset creates dependency.

Dis-incentivize capitalism and independence.  Incentivize socialism & dependency.  Defund the military & police. Restrict our food & take our hunting rifles.  Focus on WOKE idealism over what really matters. Squash logic. Squash alternative opinions.

This is how we become weak & dependent. And controlled.

“The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Ronald Regan

The pushback

Its not all bad news. Take note, the tide is changing!  The top songs of 2023 are by Jason Aldean and Oliver Anthony.  Both are classic working class ballads that speak to the realities behind Globalist socialist politics. That is better evidence of where many North Americans minds really are, and not the media claims of the left or squawking university kids. Most people are fed up with the current state of their nations and want to go back to old values.

Merit, hard work, and family are returning to be what matters. Not your race, pronoun, ancestry, sexuality or religion.

People are fighting back! Voters across the world, including historically socialist Italy, Netherlands, Sweden & Finland are voting in conservative parties. New Zealand just went conservative. Argentina went conservative – wow! Canadian Premiers are rebelling against Trudeau’s globalist Reset policies.  Harsh realities of climate politics, carbon taxes, MMT spending, war, foreign electoral interference, WOKE indoctrination in schools, government sponsored Opioid deaths, police defunding, loose criminals and a weakening of home defense are being seen for what they are.

Woke corporations (eg Anheuser-Busch, Disney and Target)  are feeling the pain as fed up consumers boycott their products.

Been to California lately? Their socialist idealism has been met with increasing crime, poverty, massive inflation. Its happening here in Canada now. This has happened every time socialism has reared its head.

The good news is people are becoming more aware. Even some left wing media are opening up to reality. Its encouraging. And finally, after 8 years of my rant blogs (I’m proud to say I saw this coming starting in 2015) Justin Trudeau is finally being seen for what he is. Its unlikely he will win the next election (although this clip might scare you a bit).

The damage has been done, and there’s two more years of damage to come. But I have hope that it can be fixed.


I leave you with lines from the mega-viral song “Rich men north of Richmond” by Oliver Anthony:

Livin’ in the new world
With an old soul

These rich men north of Richmond
Lord knows they all just wanna have total control
Wanna know what you think, wanna know what you do

And they don’t think you know, but I know that you do
‘Cause your dollar ain’t sh*t and it’s taxed to no end
‘Cause of rich men north of Richmond

I wish politicians would look out for miners
And not just minors on an island somewhere










  • Everything you say is the cold, hard reality of our country and world today. Hard to read but I know it’s imperative that people not bury their heads in the sand and hope it all goes away. It won’t, without a massive fight to save this country that we love. The sign on someone’s property that said, “I need to tell my children that I did not stay silent”, says it all. Keep writing these blogs Keith. Never stay silent.

  • Great post Keith. I’ve studied “The Great Reset” since the outbreak of Covid and it is real but most people don’t want to think about it. Below is a link relating to this phenomenon from another angle…

    I read a lot of metaphysics and I agree with Emmet Fox in that we essentially live in a mental world where we create our reality by the way we think and feel (Mind and Speech). We need to change the way we think and feel on an individual basis before we will see changes in the world around us…

    • Thanks for the link–read it–he is noting something similar to what I was speaking to – the “boiling frog” concept of a long termed generational creep so (in this case) the Reset becomes accepted.

  • Keith, that was an excellent article. I had been confused about a lot of what is happening and why. I think you captured my answer in one word, DEPENDENCE. If they create more dependence they will have more control. I’m also aware of the fact they are creating divisions in so many areas, ethnic, gender, economic, political etc. I have given up on msm and see them for what they are. They are not journalists but activists who are selling themselves to their political masters. Many family members are so blinded by their daily indoctrination and yet they think I’m a conspiracy theorist. Thanks for this excellent article and hope you will continue with more of this.

  • Valid points are made. Nevertheless, if was and is a pipe dream to nor notice that regulations are there to protect populations. Government regulations.

    The outrage over the Green Belt and Premier Ford, when building homes much needed was facilitated by him on farm land, represents the entrenched belief of Canadians that laws matter. Too many strict laws make living unbearable. Not enough make dubious individuals such as the orange Chimp down South take advantage and abuse society, opening the door to destruction and crimes.

    What Canada needs is business opportunity. allowed by business incubators such as McGill’s Dobson center, Centech or UT Centre of Entrepreneurship to create jobs.

    Is it possible all these woke policies are to smoothen potential conflict from the half a million newcomers to Canada, very diverse? Canada, without those, would clone Italy’s declining population issue, low birth rates, low incomes, egress of youths from lack of opportunity. Unemployment of 10%of young adults, 40% of youth not participating in labor force at 15-24 years age bracket. A population declining by 20 million from 1950 to 2040, down to 47m in Italy. At 34 years, 70 % still reside with their parents, at 44 years, 25% still live with their folks.

    In view of Canada not going down this road, large numbers of new citizens are needed. Government is there to smoothen this process in 2023 and in the future..woke or WEF policies or whatever it is called.

  • Good on you for putting your point of view online for all to see. Most portfolio managers wouldn’t have the courage to do that because of the possibility of losing some clients. I agree with large chunks of what you write.
    What makes me ponder some of the ideals, is why the countries/cities that are voted the most desirable to live in are never in the USA which in theory has the most “freedom”.

    • Funny you mention this–years ago I began pointing out the truths of Trudeau’s policies–and the harm they would do. My first blog in 2015 on the subject was based on the book Animal Farm, where I predicted –waaaaay back then—that Trudeau’s government would become elitist control orientated. And here we are. If you think back to 2015-2019, when I was writing these yearly rants about Canada’s government, the love affair was in full swing for JT. Only in the past few years has the tide changed. I received so much flack for daring to say that JT was undesirable (putting it mildly)-literally had people discontinue subscribing to the blog back then. Now, I laugh, because after all of that flack I got, now its “common knowledge” that JT is the worst PM in our history. I had a hard time telling people back then –and now those same people are saying it!! Oh, the irony.
      My clients tend to be analytical so never lost a client, but a PM friend of mine, who is far less outspoken than I am, lost a client specifically because he dared to bring up the subject of the Reset.
      I’ve been in this business for 33 years. Will be in it so long as my intelligence remains intact-aka if I start acting like JP or Biden, I’m out!
      -No retirement if I can help it. I love the markets! But I also feel an obligation to add whatever I can to the knowledge pool not just on Technical Analysis, but also capitalism and free markets where hard work and merit are your path to success. Like the sign on the guys lawn…If people don’t like it, well, they can stop reading the blogs (give up on free accurate anlaysis – their loss, not mine). I need to tell my kids I tried in my own way to help people recognize that things are not always what they appear to be.

  • Superb overview of the reality of the western world today.

    Of course supporters of these destructive policies call us conspiracy theorists. We have to be discredited, maligned, accused of misogyny, racism, bigotry, ignorance – to stop us from telling the truth. To avoid being labeled a conspiracy theorist, I often point out obvious and pervasive patterns in the approaches of ESG-driven bureaucrats, legacy media, every level of government, and the C suites of multinationals.

    Every ‘crisis’ these entities identify leads to eerily similar outcomes. Addressing COVID leads to greater government control of every aspect of our lives. Addressing the ‘climate crisis’ leads to more control and higher costs for citizens – and higher tax revenue for the spendthrifts in Ottawa. The fentanyl/opioid crisis leads to more deaths and more addiction resulting from government-issued ‘safe’ supply. The housing crisis doesn’t result in more home construction or controlled immigration but in more government spending to saddle citizens with additional debt. The manufactured ‘epidemic’ of online hate leads to greater surveillance, control and punishment of citizens exercising their right to freedom of speech. The increase in ‘deaths of despair’ results in faster, easier access to MAID than access to psychological support and healthcare. And so forth.

    It’s amazing to me that supporters of these policies can’t or won’t see that they’re not saving the earth, reducing poverty, upholding rights and freedoms, curing addiction, or providing low-income housing. The Liberals/NDP policies – in keeping with the aims of the WEF – are doing exactly the opposite. These policies are creating poverty, crime, homelessness, and deaths of despair.

    I agree it’s very positive that voters in enduring socialist strongholds are demanding change, including in Canada. My prayer for the western world in 2024 is for rational, humane, life-affirming leadership and policies in our institutions and governments.

    • Why can’t peoplekind see that Reset policies are not helping to save the earth, reduce poverty etc? In fact–before our eyes we see the opposite (high inflation, high poverty, drug abuse, crime etc) due to these policies, yet people ignore it. Well…I think the government, due to the fact that it basically owns the media ($600mm+++ –see my blog link under “control the media) has done a great job of brainwashing the masses to believe that their control measures are in their best interest. Regan’s quote is appropriate when contemplating on that mindset (I’m from the government, I’m here to help”).

  • I’m on board with those comments. In fact, the degrading values and forced vaccinations required by the Government made me retire early.
    As an auditor, I had to look into this climate propaganda. It is amazing to me what the climate alarmists omit from their messaging. By the way, omissions are another way of lying. For example, the atmosphere is made of the following gases, in percentage terms:
    99.96% Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon, with the rest made up of water vapour and trace elements including the so called climate changing carbon dioxide (note1 for reference). In my opinion, based on the facts, this little of carbon dioxide gas is immaterial as we say in the financial audit world, and not worthy of a consideration of any climate impacts.


    • Yes Russ–as I note, the left wing media’s biggest fallacy is their omission of alternative views on things like climate and other issues

  • What an article!!!!!! Keith, I agree with everything you sad. You are brave to make many points about Trudeau and WEF. It was easy to read and understand (grade 8 reading). I would recommend to all young people to read it. I hope you will continue with more on this topic.
    I have seen through Trudeau from beginning of his campaign: “he has a nice hair” but no intelligence suitable for the prime minister of a great country like Canada. I have been an “Anti vaccers” therefore according to Trudeau I’m “misogynistic and racist”. But, according to JT 8 years of accomplishing nothing, he is a looser.

  • This is indeed scary. But, call me naive, I can’t help but think the whole thing will be fatally muted when Klause Schwab dies – and he is an old man (actually, a year younger than I am – he’s 85). All of us, the great unwashed, the silent majority, we are not stupid and we will not tolerate this shit too long. I have faith in the wisdom of humanity. Each of us has a piece of the great reset that we dislike intensely but taken in its total, socialism in disguise won’t last. Never has. It can’t, actually. Socialists don’t create wealth. And once this Covid pandemic dung pile fades into the sunset, Klause’s movement dynamics will fade as well. Not completely but he will lose his luster.

    BTW, I have had 5 Covid shots simply for my own protection but I have always been a skeptic. Ask my partner, Carol. She gets weary of my rants. Global warming, too.

  • Great article!! Considering where Michael Bloomberg fits into this, I hope we have not seen you on BNN for the last time.

  • I read this rant when it first came out about 3 weeks ago.
    The recent speech by the President of Argentina, Javier Milei on January, 17, 2024 shares many of the themes here. Javier’s speech will probably go down as one of the greatest speeches about the problems with “Collectivism”, and that the free market without government intervention is what has lead to prosperity throughout human history. Just Google or YouTube “Special address by Javier Milei, President of Argentina”. It is about 30 minutes long.
    Or here is the link:


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