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  • Hi! Keith,

    Your read on the ALA.TO chart. Please. Buy Hold or Sell ?


    • James–for this blog, I don’t answer on individual stocks. I prefer to focus on sectors, countires, commodites, etc
      Best to call this one into BNN next time I’m on the show

  • Hi Keith,

    i enjoy reading your blog and seeing you as a regular on BNN, just inquiring what you think the trend for the price of gold will be in the next 6 to 12 months?



    • My question was posed by John also; What you think the trend for the price of gold will be in the next 6 to 12 months?


  • Keith – Thank you for the opportunity to ask questions. I have a great reluctance to invest in cryptocurrencies or cannabis stocks as It seems there are many forces at work in those sectors that the average person can never understand. Perhaps i am over cautious and leaving opportunity on the table.

    On the other hand as a scientist, I am drawn to emerging tech stocks like those specializing in 5G or the biotech sector. Perhaps I am kidding myself when I think I have some understanding of those sectors.

    There are certainly more opportunities to invest a small fraction of one’s resources (fun money) than one can ever hope to really understand,

    Your thoughts?

  • Hello Keith,

    As the years pass I realize that investing/trading in the markets can be a very personal endeavor…I can look back on the investor I was even just 5 years ago and be amazed not only on what I have learned in the in term but how my whole investing approach has become more honed and focused… In that time I can look back at the mistakes I made and see in retrospect that they ended up being my best friends…What mistakes have you made in the past that helped you become the investor/trader you are today?

    Cheers, Gavin

  • Which ETFs do you use for your portfolios?
    Which ETFS are you currently holding?
    Which ETFs are you planning to sell and when?
    Which ETFs are you planning to buy and when?


  • Keith, it seems like stocks that most people are in for their dividend (I.e telcos and banks) dip a fair bit after they go ex-dividend. It’s almost like you’d be ahead buying after it goes ex dividend rather than holding on for the dividend. Do you ever sell before they go ex-dividend or wait until they do to finally buy?

  • Back in June, you mention silver is in a seasonal uptrend and it needs to take out $17. It has performed strongly in the past 2 weeks catching up to gold. Do you think the silver miners is a buy as silver continue to move up and break $17?

    Thank you.


  • Hi Keith- My question is on perpetual preferred shares offered by Canadian lifecos and utility companies.
    The bottom line is that you get a 5.5% yield, actually closer to 8% because of the dividend tax credit.
    You receive this yield forever unless they call them. They are trading at a 20% discount to par, meaning that you will lock in a 25% capital gain if they ever do call them.
    With an 8% yield and/or a potential 25% capital gain this seems like a no brainer, especially for a senior like myself looking for income yet no one on BNN ever discusses them
    What am I missing?

    Thanks for this great blog

  • If the markets are to tank in a big way, what would be the reason? The Tech bubble was seen by many, but momentum won til it didn’t. It was plain to see, in the US, that home values going higher by the week was a bit nutty. But now, if rates remain low indefinitely, then what would be the catalyst for a major correction? Thank you. I enjoy your commentary on BNN and here so much!

  • With today’s market being influenced so much by things such as Trump daily tweets, tariff wars, global Geopolitical risks, Government involvement with FANGs etc are the fundamentals and chart followers becoming less relevant in the short term? Does any investment mode such as trading, buy and hold, momentum etc. have an advantage currently.

    In today’s market what should a clients NET expectation be for 1-3 year returns on an Income fund versus an equity fund account?

    The current funds from Vanguard and iShares that balance automatically seem like a simple option for many investors. While they are relatively new do you see a long term advantage for them over GICs for the novice risk averse investor?

    RoboAdvisors seem to be attracting a lot of attention. The premise of using low cost ETFs selected based on an individual risk allocation profile seems to encompass a valid low cost/reasonable investment strategy. Are there any significant negatives to this type of investing that I am missing?

  • Hi Keith,

    Can you please take a look at the US Banks and provide some analysis.

    Thank you,

  • Hi Keith,
    I would like to get your take on Value underperforming growth in the last 10 years. Will reversal ever happen in this low interest rate environment?

  • Hi Keith:
    Thanks for the offer to put yourself out there to face some tough questions!

    Your traditional 3% plus 3 day rule has been “obeyed” by Gold!. Trend is your friend!
    Now, if I were to drill down, should I use RSI plus or minus Momentum oscillators to separate the potential winners? At this stage if the rally, who do you favour, Large caps or Mid/small cap producers or stick to Gold, say GLD. If not RSI or Oscillators, which technique do you use to identify the winners?

    P.S. You may want to consider giving us Twitter handle as an option to post questions!

  • Your opinion on Preferred Shares.
    Good investment. Asset Class ..where are they in the asset allocation of a portfolio
    How to determine if they have the potential to be called? What to look for if going to purchase?

  • How much investment would we need? Is it a good idea to have someone else manage your investment income when you are 84 years old? That is the case of my father. My situation is that I have about $600,000 to invest. Thank you.

  • Hi Keith,

    How correlated are the US and UK markets? Is the UK market going to be impacted by the FOMC’s actions? And vice versa, is the US market going to be impacted by Brexit? Or, are the markets all interwoven such that you cannot evade what is an obvious issue in one market, by going to another?

    • Good question Paul
      I’ve closed the questions down as I had already written the blog–but this may be a good topic for the future.


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