Heads up!

Heads up! I’ll be speaking at the MoneyShow on Saturday Sept 9th at 3:00pm. Be sure to mark this on your calendar. This year, I am going to cover how to profit in ANY market. Some of the lessons that came out of my Online Course will be discussed.

As an aside…I try to bring copies of my books to the MoneyShow and sell them at the end of my presentation, where you can buy them at far below what the online booksellers charge. So, take advantage of that if you wish. I can only carry one box of books, and typically I have far too many people wanting them. As loyal blog readers, I prefer that you guys get dibs on the supply first. So try to arrive early to get a seat in the first rows!

Here’s the link for info on my presentation, and to register.




  • Hi Keith
    I know you were looking at Japan back a few months ago, would you pls update your view on Japan.

    • We had a position in EWJ but took profits on it about a week ago. It was pretty overbought, and we felt it might fall in line with the SPX.


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