I recently conducted an interview with Ellen Roseman. Ellen is a Canadian writer, journalist and lecturer specializing in personal finance and consumer issues. She currently writes a column handling consumer complaints for the Toronto Star, and teaches at Ryerson University and the University of Toronto. Ellen and I focused on the challenges for small investors and novices. We discussed long termed strategic concepts for new investors, including finding an appropriate advisor and investing on your own.

This is a great resource offering tips on how to do things right from the start when it comes to investing towards your future. There’s more to investing in Canada than just reading Google Finance TSX! If you know any new investors, you might want to forward the link to the video interview to them, below.

Here’s the link:

Ellen Roseman interview: Guidance for New & Young Investors – ValueTrend

Other noteworthy video’s

I’ve recently interviewed a couple of other amazing guests on the site. Here are the links:

Interview with Lorne Gunter, Political Columnist Edmonton Sun: How climate policies can impact investing – ValueTrend

Exciting Value Opportunities with Peter Hodson 5i Research – ValueTrend



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