Gold looking bullish

I just published a new video outlining my case for gold. I’d like all of my blog readers to see this video for two reasons:

  1. First, I think I presented a compelling argument for you to consider legging into gold, specifically gold producers.
  2. Next, I would like to hear your feedback on the background. I did the video outside, then had the charts edited into the recording after.  Do you like the idea of my videos being set in different backgrounds on occasion? Also – I kept the video down to about 7 minutes or so.  Do you like the shorter format? NOTE: DO NOT REPLY TO THIS VIA AN EMAIL IF YOU ARE A SUBSCRIBER! PLEASE GO TO THE WEBSITE TO POST A COMMENT – THX!

Here is the video link. Hope you enjoy it!

The Bullish Case for GOLD – ValueTrend


  • I watch Brooke’s videos as well as yours.
    While I enjoy the various backgrounds, I’d say only do it if it’s easy for you (and the audio/video quality remains good).
    The main thing is your ideas, the charts, and the community feedback.
    * * *
    Regarding length, I would say don’t worry about it. I’m probably not alone in that I really value your insight, and would prefer you just take all the time you want.

  • I always look forward to your videos. If a remote location work better for your schedule that’s great. It’s fun to see wherever you might be at the time. I think the sound quality is the struggle with phone videos that I have seen. The sound is fine in this video as there was little wind or background noise.

    Interesting take on gold. I see a breakout with volume above the 200 day on XGD after a retest of the recent low. Nice looking setup.

  • Interesting vidéo. Would be interested to know where you pu your stops.

  • I don’t mind the background. The content is the important thing.
    I prefer short videos like this one and extensive blog articles.

    Like De Jonge, I’d like to know where you put a stop on a chart like XGD. This chart is typical of many patterns we often see and even after doing your class and reading your books, I’ve always have a hard time setting the stop on a chart like that. Last low was around 17.84 at June-end. But then you have the previous low that is really close and touching support around16.20 at Feb-end… My guess would be below 16.16 because you have good support in that area… Am I right?
    Thanks for you teaching!

    • Francisco–to me, their is a pretty important looking support level around $16.50 on the XGD chart–wouldn’t want it to move below that level by too long or too much


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