Exciting value opportunities – an interview with Peter Hodson of 5i Research

A must see interview!

Just before the holidays I was fortunate enough to interview Peter Hodson of 5i Research. Peter is a true value investor – and has a deeply respected background in Fundamental Analysis. We talked about markets, and where he is finding value opportunities right now. I strongly encourage all readers to view this video. Its a must-see!

Here’s the link: Exciting Value Opportunities with Peter Hodson 5i Research – ValueTrend


  • Wow! Incredible discussion about what to expect in 2024…. firms like 5i and ValueTrend certainly bring understanding to small investors, too often raking in 0 percent returns on their many thousands of $$$ in invested capital at retail banks’ mutual funds, where the bank’s so-called advisors are doing their dog and pony show ( sell side research, only 1 word found in their bank’s Oxford dictionary: BUY! …their non -performing, high MER funds.)

    Many thanks for bringing to light Peter’s firm and services, and Money Saver.

    • I came from that world Mike-and witnessed what you speak about-which is why I incepted my own firm so many years ago. My goal has always been to manage money the right way –buying and selling – holding cash and acting according to a systematic, unemotional process. ValueTrend was created for investors wanting to have effective portfolio management. Since then, I’ve expanded that concept and created my individual investor empowering tools for do-it-yourselfers–like the online course, my books, and this blog!

  • Manyhetw, no doubt, appreciate this knowledge as well as good media. I find BNN heads and shoulders above CNBC.

    Going back to an aspect discussed, at least retail bank mutual funds, branded in their own names, are excellent at one thing: consistency.

    They consistently return almost zero percent, year after year, while pulling an expense ratio, paid on the backs of investors.

    Never ceases to amaze me.

  • Very good comment from Mike and very good answer from Keith ! I agree 100%. I can’t stand ”analysts” that recommend BUY on everything when I’ve been experiencing over 20 years of seeing a lot of stocks or sectors go down every year… how can they recommend EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME !

    That’s why I only trust analysts that are not scared of advising some caution here and there, or plain SELL (avoid) recommendations. I had a membership with 5i Research for a few years and I was very pleased with the easy navigation in there site, there weekly or monthly letter (can’t remember) and their Q&A section on any stocks. Most of the time, you don’t even have to ask your question since you have access to previous questions and answers and you often find your answers already documented. I trust Peter Hudson and his group. The reasons why I didn’t renew my membership are:

    1. Years ago, I decided to trade ETFs only and to never again trade single companies after I got stock so many times choosing the wrong one out of a sector that otherwise was acting the way I expected (lol). Disappointing financial results, fires, strikes, rockslides, pipeline leaks, being short on a company that gets acquired !!! My gosh… no more of that and I don’t miss it ! I prefer analyzing 15-20 indices / sectors rather than 200 individual stocks. 5i Research is mainly analyzing individual companies (considering the sector and all other macro environment factors for sure).

    2. I’m 95% focused on technical analysis and 5i Research is mainly a fundamental analysis service. That said, there track record speaks for itself. They are good at what they are doing.

    The interview was very interesting. I realized I was missing hearing Peter Hodson speak.

    Thanks Keith, and Peter !

  • PS : sorry for my errors… I should have read it before sending it. There there a few ”there-their” errors among others and a few sentences badly written… sorry, it’s late, still feeling the effects of Christmas party… and I’m francophone… lol 3 things that don’t help writing in English tonight ! I would have corrected if I could but hey… there are worst than me (I hope). lol.


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