Aggressive Growth

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Aggressive Growth

Below is the performance for the ValueTrend Aggressive Growth Strategy.

This strategy is a higher risk/ higher return potential model. It seeks to provide a higher ROR than the ValueTrend Equity Platform while adhering to risk controls within the context of a higher risk/higher return style of management. The ValueTrend Aggressive Growth Strategy will invest in stocks and ETF’s that may not qualify for holding within the ValueTrend Equity Platform due to their potential risk, capitalization, or lack of liquidity. Stocks selected can vary within market capitalizations, country, and sector. The strategy will often hold commodity ETF’s, Inverse ETF’s, and other asset classes. Hedging strategies such as offsetting risk with inverse ETRF’s or other methods may be employed. Some securities will be traded on an extremely short termed basis (days or weeks), while others may be held for several months or longer.




*Performance as of May 31st, 2024

*Since January 1, 2020


The information contained in this report is for illustration purposes only and was obtained from sources that we believe to be reliable however, we cannot represent that is accurate or complete. The portfolio may invest in leveraged or inverse exchange traded funds and thus there may be exposure to aggressive techniques which may magnify gains and losses and can result in greater volatility and be subject to aggressive investment risk and price volatility risk. All performance data represents past performance and is not necessarily indicative of future performance. ValueTrend Wealth Management’s liability shall only be attached to the accuracy of information contained in your official statement of account and information in your official statement of account will always take precedence over the information contained in this illustration.

The ValueTrend Aggressive Strategy’s performance is based on portfolio holdings of Portfolio Manager Keith Richard’s equity portfolio since January 1, 2020 and the chart is based on monthly rate of return calculation gross of any fees and assumes reinvestment of all distributions with no cash outflows or inflows.   The management fee of  the ValueTrend Aggressive Strategy  is 2.25%. This fee is higher than the Equity Platform’s fees reflecting increased trading expenses.  Every effort has been made to compile this material accurately however due to the inherent possibility of human and mechanical error, the accuracy and completeness are not guaranteed.  All performance data represents past performance and is not necessarily indicative of future performance.


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