Clean energy vs. Fossil Fuels cage-match

April 24, 20232 Comments

There are two ways to trade energy. The clean energy movement, and the current and ongoing need for fossil fuels. Which is best?

I’ve just posted 2 videos recently that you might find useful. One video covered the oil trade. Like it or not, oil is with us for quite some time. In fact, “Mr. Wonderful” (Kevin O’Leary) just announced that he is investing in an oil refinery. That man is as savvy as they come, so there’s an argument to examine this trade. The other video covered the other side of energy: the growing need for specific metals used in producing “green energy”. This is an important sector to examine, given the massive rise in EV’s and alternative power production.

Here are a few things discussed in the videos:

Oil: After a brief spike during the OPEC output cutback announcement, WTIC has been floating sideways again. Is this a sector we should be looking at, or was that post-announcement rally a one-and-done affair? If oil is worthy of consideration, do we look at the commodity play itself, or enter via the producers? Tied into the video, I recently posted this chart on crude futures long/short positions. Is oil oversold from a sentiment perspective?

Metals: In my “Green” metals video, one of the arguments I present for rising prices is China. The country has made significant efforts to corner the market in rare earth components needed in clean-energy technology.  Specifically, those used within magnets used in turbines, etc. Here is an article from Popular Mechanics that ties into my argument for rising prices on these components. Most importantly: My video presents several metals that we all need to be looking at for significant capital appreciation potential.

Point & figure video coming: I am interviewing John Copp today. John was ‘el Presidento of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts.  He’s now retired from his position as Technical Analyst with a major bank for many years. Most importantly…John is an expert in P&F—a technique that I am familiar with, but not a practitioner. That video will be posted late next week. 

Click here to watch:

Here is the link to the video page where you can view the oil and green energy videos.

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  • When the vix is low it’s time to go (or at a minimum not a time to add).

    • Agreed-vix has rallied off of sub-20 many times, meaning market falls—I will post a neartermed (daily) chart with oscillators in a mini-blog today. Basically, high probability of a pullback.


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