China breaking out

The Shanghai is breaking out again. Currently, the index sits at 3370. First target is next resistance at around 3700. From there, the way is clear all the way up to its old high of 5200. That would be pretty exciting.

The index is overbought via RSI and stochastics signals. The sideways pattern since becoming overbought in August is beginning to wash that excess away. It may be that the index experiences further “going nowhere fast” activity for another month or so. So long as the index can remain above the breakout point of around 3000, the chart will remain healthy.

There are plenty of Shanghai orientated ETF’s out there. Some are more diversified than others. I won’t recommend any here, but you might want to consider focusing on the ones that hold the Chinese “A” shares. These tend to hold the better quality stocks that meet certain accounting standards. Explore the products put out by iShares, BMO, and Wisdom Tree for such ideas.

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