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Yield inversion and the megaphone. Danger signs?

Here we go again. The SPX, despite its rally to new highs in late July of around 3025, has had […]

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Neartermed volatility up on “TTT” (Trumps Trade Tweets)

I simply had to share this meme with my readers today. Seriously funny stuff. As Homer Simpson (The Simpsons) once […]

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On the one hand….

David Chapman, another Technical Analyst and a man who I respect, noted in a newsletter that there are a number […]

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Dow Theory signalling change?

There are 6 tenets of Dow Theory- originally coined by Charles H. Dow (1851–1902), journalist, founder and first editor of […]

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Trapped in a box

  The SPX 500 and the TSX 300 indices seem to be trapped in boxes. The SPX is yet again […]

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Are plastic bottle makers going to be under pressure?

Something like 16 countries have signed on to banning single use plastics (bottles, bags, etc) – many of whom have […]

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Enough to make your head spin!

Wow. The market sure is neurotic lately. Bullish, or bearish…its like the weather in Alberta. Albertans like to say “If […]

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Bear-o-meter in no-mans land

If you examine the Bear-o-meter diagram, below, you will see 3 zones, represented as:   Higher risk: 0-3 Neutral risk/reward […]

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Bonds are overbought

Bearish sentiment prevails on the stock market, which has driven money into the bond market. Things are getting rather overbought […]

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Gold is a simple trade

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