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Bumper bowling

Traditional bowling involves a “gutter” on each side of the lane. If you throw a bad ball, your ball goes […]

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Damned if you do…

The Bear-o-meter is a risk/ reward indicator. It’s a compilation of indicators falling under general classifications of Breadth, Value, Trend, […]

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Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Roughly every month, I try to post the results of a compilation of financial indicators that measure the current risk/reward […]

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Learning to walk

A reader sent me an email recently asking about a chart I had posted on a blog many months ago. […]

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Small capped setups

US small capped stocks may be on the verge of breaking out. The ishares Small capped Russell 2000 index ETF […]

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Bear-o-meter shows excessive market optimism

Sentiment indicators are contrarian. Essentially, if market participants (particularly retail investors, aka “dumb money”) are “too” bullish, its something to […]

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Is market breadth telling the true tale?

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent that survives. It is the one […]

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FAANGs for nothin’!

In late 2017, I kept warning readers of this blog that the unprecedented low volatility, the obscene growth of the […]

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Bear-o-meter suggests current selloff is reducing market risk

Today’s blog is a little longer than usual. Please take the time to read its entirety. This one is important. […]

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It’s the economy, stupid: what an impeachment may mean to the markets

Today’s chart (courtesy of focuses on two Presidential impeachment enquiries, and the market’s reaction to these events. I wanted […]

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