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Transports are confirming

Back in May of this year, I noted that the Dow transports were failing to confirm the new highs seen […]

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Copy cat

Readers of this blog along with followers of my media work know that I’m a believer in the contrarian indicators- […]

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Is it decision day for the market? I noted here that one of the buy signals I am looking for […]

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How to tell when its time to buy

How to tell when its time to buy I noted on my last blog that there may be a buying […]

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September selloff may provide a buying point

For those of us who have held cash for the summer, there may be a buy point coming to the […]

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Cut n’ fill

Stock market bottoms require a “capitulation” moment, followed by some near termed relief rallies driven by “buy on the dips” […]

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Here’s one leading indicator that isnt so rosy

I wanted to use this blog entry as an opportunity to introduce some interesting technical work by a fellow who […]

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Will rising rates kill the bull?

I’ve been in the financial Industry since 1990—first as an “Investment Advisor” with both small and large brokerage firms – […]

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Sometimes I love this business

Those who criticize market timing don’t understand what market timing really is. Market timing, to be clear, is NOT—I repeat […]

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Better to buy higher than get caught in a dead cat bounce

    I’ll start this blog off by noting that I’m on BNN’s MarketCall show tonight at 6:00PM EST. Tune […]

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