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Is the SVB bank collapse the canary in the coalmine?

I doubt there is a series of bank failures.

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KISS the market

The easy days to invest are over, and the current environment is not one for beginners. 

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BNN MarketCall video with keith

I was on BNN Bloomberg’s MarketCall yesterday. Lots of stocks covered from a  technical analysis view. Here is the video […]

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Keith on Bloomberg BNN’s MarketCall show Monday

Keith on Bloomberg BNN Monday March 6th, 12:00 noon

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Weekend homework

Will the market hold its recent gains, or will it break?

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The Problem with ValueTrend

This is NOT your standard  investment industry ad.

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Bruce Joseph interview: Real estate trends in Canada

Anyone curious about current Canadian real estate trends will find this discussion enlightening. 

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Make sure the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t an oncoming train

We will remain in cash until my rules dictate a change. Opinions, whether bullish or bearish, are a dime a dozen.

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Money management seminar recording now available

Watch this video to catch the important lessons on creating a structured process in your portfolio.

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I have a dream

In honor of Martin Luther King Day – I’d like to print a quote by the great man himself, Martin […]

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