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Win by not losing

Today, I thought I’d write a bit about risk control. I believe it is one of the better ways to […]

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Bear-o-meter suggests high risk

Long termed readers of this blog know what the Bear-o-meter is. For newbies- its a risk/reward score of between 0 […]

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Keep up the bad work

With one of the weaker stock markets in the world, one has to wonder what’s gone wrong with the TSX […]

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The wisdom collection

Over the past few years I have published some pretty interesting interviews with guests covering many different aspects of investing. […]

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An important market outlook

I just published a very important video covering a macro market and economic outlook. This is one of those “you […]

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Outlook for Bonds, TSX, SPX and Europe

My thoughts on bonds, the SPX, Europe, and the TSX. Bonds “Over time, economic fundamentals should assert themselves, leading to […]

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A reader asked me why Staples (XLP-US) AND UTILITES (XLU-US) are in high-stress mode. These are companies that are typically […]

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Upcoming events you want to know about

Here are some upcoming events that you will want to be aware of: Keith on BNN next Tuesday I’m on […]

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Bear-o-meter for October 3, 2023

The probability of a longer termed commodity cycle of relative outperformance  is likely

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Revenge of the nerds

Sure, a rally from here makes sense (three-day rallies often follow short-seller victory cheers, aka covering), but the technical damage is real and probably long-lasting. Note the lower low in August – below. The SPX still looks bearish from an intermediate perspective, and 4200, or even 3800 on the SPX look feasible.

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