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Looking for the “true” market bottom

We have some potential for a washout and rally soon. But, we must pay attention to the charts for the longer termed move

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Are we at there yet?

Today’s blog addresses the question: are we at the bottom yet?

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Food for thought

Here’s another piece of evidence for the decline in the USD

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Current trading strategy

I cannot tell you if we are in for a meaningful rally just yet – although some evidence suggests that we may have to wait a little more before such a rally happens

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Market musings

Regular readers know that my blog writing style is more narrative than many financial writers. Today, however, I am doing […]

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Tesla: Buy or sell?

From a longer point of view, most of the good times for TSLA’s trend ended 2 years ago

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Ask us Anything: Answers!

Thanks to everyone who asked a question in our Ask us Anything blog. This time, we changed the format to […]

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Yet another example of Why you need to think for yourself!

Today, I want to illustrate a perfect example of WHY you need to use a systematic investment process and ignore […]

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Today, we take a meandering path through a few recent thoughts and reviews of the past. Everything from the neartermed […]

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Pardon me, you have bad breadth

Just a quickie today.  In the recently sent research report (to VT Update newsletter subscribers) we spent a bit of […]

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