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Will marijuana stocks get high(er)?

Back in November of last year, I noted that I had a non-investment savvy friend ask me about Bitcoin. I […]

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Automation dulls the senses

This is my yearly rant, with a bit of technical analysis application mixed into it. Hope you enjoy it: I’m […]

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Gold’s failure

  I’m on BNN today at 1:00. One of the questions that I know I will get is regarding gold. […]

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Comfortably numb

Eric Parnell, a US Portfolio Manager, wrote an interesting article in Seeking Alpha recently. Here is the link to his […]

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Words from the wise

At ValueTrend, we pride ourselves in being one of the more open and “fully disclosing” Portfolio Managers on the street. […]

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Bear-o-meter flashes danger

I posted my Bear-o-meter reading a couple of weeks ago when it showed a low- neutral reading of “3”. That is, […]

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Oil’s well that ends well

WTI crude took an abrupt punch in the gut yesterday after a nice rally that began in early March. A […]

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Refining VIX entry and exit signals

Last week, I noted that the VIX had been moving up along with gold. Both of these vehicles can be […]

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Small caps still in the game

Small caps have taken a breather on both sides of the border. It’s easier to analyse US small caps due […]

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International Opportunities

It’s true that the US markets may be getting ahead of themselves. At the same time, some of the other […]

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