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Feast on these sectors over the Thanksgiving weekend

According to the seasonal experts, there is a tendency for markets to be strong into the US thanksgiving weekend—meaning the […]

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Nikkei breaking out

Today, on BNN, I’ll be giving my usual 3 “Top Picks”. One of those picks will be an ETF trading […]

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August can be a corrective month

Thackray’s Investors Guide and EquityClock show us a tendency for August to be a relatively weaker month – Brooke Thackray […]

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Keith’s BNN MarketCall date changed

Keith on BNN: Changed to Tuesday Feb. 2nd at 1:00PM  Tune in to BNN to catch me live on BNN’s premier […]

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Should we fear a rising wedge on the TSX?

I’m not a big fan of the TSX 300 Composite Index. It’s a capitalization-weighted index, which essentially means that whatever […]

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Signs of Speculation

Source:  stockcharts.com It is obvious that the US markets are in a bull market. The 13-year resistance levels of around […]

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Plenty of cash on the sidelines?

I’d like to draw your attention to a chart posted by www.theshortsideoflong.blogspot.ca. This blog is run by a young investor named […]

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