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Dumb money likes stocks, sees no recession. Oh-oh!

Dumb money (retail) is piling into the market again. And nobody’s looking for a recession. This should concern us as […]

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Bad news, good news.

Today’s blog covers a couple of concerning developments in the economy. But then, I offer more information on a trade […]

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Same old song

My two cents on the budget today. No surprises, unfortunately. Same old song. But first…a bubble market? Chart from Zero […]

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Inflation is higher. What a shock (not)!

Why have gold stocks lagged bullion? “The answer lies in underlying costs that have increased over time, blunting the flow […]

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Oh, the irony of it all

A couple of days after I posted my Bear-o-meter report indicating an increase in risk, the market began pulling back […]

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Don’t just do something. Sit there!

I’ll admit I stole todays blog title from another blog I was reading. But I thought the title appropriate, given […]

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Bullish Bonds, Bullish Banks, Beware the SPX

Three topics to discuss today. Canadian vs. US bonds, a warning on the S&P 500 chart, and a look at […]

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Big picture strategy

Today’s blog is one of those writeups that I deem to be more important for you to read than others. […]

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Survey says…

Today we’ll look at the results of my recent market survey. Then, we’ll pose another question. To start, the survey […]

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Regency bias and affordability

Recency bias & affordability

Here’s a quote by Larry McDonald of BearTraps that sums up the markets state of mind at this moment: “Recency […]

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