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Why IPO popularity matters to all investors

To start–please click this link if you would like to join in on a live webinar on May 12th at […]

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Strategy review, update, and a way to stop worrying about the markets

As early as late June of 2020 and well into the fall of that year, I have been POUNDING the […]

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Bear-o-meter neutral, but risk is increasing

For those who have been following my blog regularly, you will know that I post a reading of the Bear-o-meter […]

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Can we talk about risk for a minute?

When you look at the tagline for ValueTrend, you might note that our motto is to “Limit your risk. Keep […]

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A heads up on the budget, and a rant

Canada is # 55 in worldwide statistics for population of  fully vaccinated citizens. At less than 2% vaccinated – we […]

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Potential market top approaching?

Today, I’d like to discuss the investment cycle, and where we may be within that cycle. My perspective as a […]

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Get ahead of the next momentum trade

Momentum trading is nothing new. But it used to be a strategy for sophisticated traders. Moreover, the massive moves of […]

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Readers ask about Bonds, NASDAQ, & Oil

Bond market bull not necessarily over A reader recently posted a question whether I agree with a BOA research report […]

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Stocks I love to hate.

The majority of my blog posts in the past year have focused on what sectors and stocks to consider for […]

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Musings on stocks, commodities and the Canadian dollar

Today I am posting 3 charts with commentary from the “birds eye view” technical perspective. We’ll look at the S&P […]

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