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Today’s hero becomes tomorrows zero.

I’ve referred to the market over the past few years as a “stealth” market. That is, one that sees money […]

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4 Sideways Trading stocks

Stocks stuck within a range is one of the better technical patterns we can look to trade. I like them […]

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Not that there’s anything wrong with that

I’m not a fan of Elliott wave projections. Not that there’s anything wrong with Elliott Wave Theory when used in […]

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Bear-o-meter stays in the neutral zone

I recently promised that I’d post my latest reading of the Bear-o-meter in early May. As a refresher, to those […]

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Oil’s well that ends well

WTI crude took an abrupt punch in the gut yesterday after a nice rally that began in early March. A […]

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Don’t bank on the banks

A reader asked me to cover the Canadian banks – a great idea considering their changing technical profile of late. […]

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I seem to have gapped on that…

    Sometimes we refer to ourselves as “gapping” when we forget something. We then try to fill that gap […]

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Healthcare—still stuck in no man’s land

I get questions about healthcare on my BNN shows and on this blog. Is the sector due to rally? The […]

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Different chart patterns mean different tactics

ValueTrend recently sponsored a discussion panel (sponsored in part by BMO) featuring BMO’s market strategist Steven Shepherd, MP Alex Nuttall […]

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Oil not there yet

Seasonally, WTI oil can be choppy into February. True to form, WTI has been trading sideways in a tight range […]

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