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The conundrum

The stock market has a seasonal tendency to be stronger from November to April, then, on average, weaker from May […]

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Smart money/ dumb money is likely the best collection of sentiment indicators on the web. I’ve subscribed to their service for several years, […]

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US bonds rolling over, Canadian bonds questionable

After a summer of relatively good performance, the US long bond looks to be breaking down. We sold our 5% […]

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Early signs of rotation

I noted on my last blog that some market leaders are showing a bit of weakness. A couple of the […]

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Ask me Anything Answers

Here are the questions, and my responses for last weeks “Ask me Anything” prompter.   Natural gas and oil are […]

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Horizontal mambo

Life is a horizontal fall (Jean Cocteau: French writer, designer, playwright) I wrote a blog that was well received back […]

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Comfortably numb

Eric Parnell, a US Portfolio Manager, wrote an interesting article in Seeking Alpha recently. Here is the link to his […]

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Mind the gap

I presented a bit of research a while ago that suggested the old adage “gaps must be filled” is a […]

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FANGS a lot !

FANG’s (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google) have been the strongest performers on the market for some time. We at ValueTrend hold […]

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Today’s hero becomes tomorrows zero.

I’ve referred to the market over the past few years as a “stealth” market. That is, one that sees money […]

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