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Canadian, eh?

  A reader asked me to post my thoughts on the TSX recently. You’ll notice that I typically spend more […]

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Canadian banks looking tired

  The BMO Canadian bank ETF is showing a technical lid at around $21.50. This is the banks third attempt […]

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Commodities starting to look good

  The weekly chart – above- of the CRB commodity index has broken its 3+ year downtrend. It’s above its […]

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Comparing the daily & weekly S&P500 charts

The two charts above & below show mostly bullish pictures, but there are a few items of caution. First, let’s look […]

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REIT’s and Utilities: Buy on weakness, or avoid?

  During the summer of 2013, REIT’s as a sector fell on average by about 15% from their May highs. […]

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Pop quiz: here’s the facts, you guess the outcome

  The daily chart below looks at a few of my favorite indicators as applied against the S&P500. Let’s examine […]

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Guess which market was January’s positive performer?

  It was no shock that the major markets took a hit in January, although as mentioned in my early January […]

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One indicator suggests market may bounce soon

  A few housekeeping items before getting to today’s charts: I was on BNN’s MarketCall last night I’ll be speaking […]

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Watch these levels for a buying opportunity

  Followers of Dow Theory may have noted the divergence between the Dow Industrials ($INDU on the chart–blue line) and […]

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Brace for a February pullback

  Despite the fact that we are still in the “Best six months” period, according to seasonal patterns (November through […]

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