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Sell in May or Stay in May?

  My friend Brooke Thackray recently covered the probabilities of a traditionally weaker market during this year’s “Worst Six Months” […]

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Too many happy faces

I’ve been pounding the table lately about the increased level of investor complacency as the bull market has charged ahead. […]

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Risk on, risk off

The 2 charts above are those of the consumer staples sector and the utilities sector. These are just 2 of […]

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Market risk neutral… for now

  Regular readers of this blog will recognise my “Bearometer”, which is a compilation of 6 indicators that I watch […]

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Charts you should be watching

  This week, I will post a few charts that caught my eye over my weekend of perusing various securities. […]

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Potential opportunity for contrarian investors

Emerging markets have been moving within a very large symmetrical triangle since 2011. The top of the triangle lies somewhere […]

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Watch the S&P for signs of reversal

The S&P500 is toying with the top of its 12 month trend channel. Last Friday was a “triple witching day” […]

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Germany a market to watch

  After its peak and crash in the Great Recession of 2008, the German ETF (which resembles the DAX index) […]

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Long term bullish, possibly more neartermed volatility

  Russia’s policies surrounding the Ukraine changed the short termed market views for both the TSX and S&P 500 last […]

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Triple index breakout

  Three major US market indices broke out yesterday. The S&P 500 US large cap index, the Nasdaq 100 US […]

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