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Ask me Anything: Answers Part 3

Its the home stretch, folks! This final installment from last weeks “Ask me” blog will answer questions on the buy/sell […]

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Ask me Anything: Answers Part 1

Whew! Well, thankyou to everyone who submitted a question on last week’s ‘Ask me” post. As always, its overwhelming, and […]

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Market musings

A number of talking points today. Lets drop the preamble, and get right down to it. My conclusions are at […]

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Investor sentiment reaching a dangerous level again

The basis of sentiment studies is that when too many investors – particularly retail investors – are bullish, its a […]

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“3 Top Picks with Keith Richards!”

I had some fun with this title- which is the typical intro done by my host on Bloomberg/BNN TV before […]

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Special report: Capitulation or continuation?

This weekend will feature an interview I did with a BNN reporter today. Tomorrow, I will be on Market Call […]

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Bumper bowling

Traditional bowling involves a “gutter” on each side of the lane. If you throw a bad ball, your ball goes […]

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Dumb is as dumb does

The past few days have been illustrative of how “Dumb money” operates. For those unfamiliar with the term, Dumb Money […]

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Ask me anything: Answers

Thankyou to all who submitted questions. There were a couple that I chose to answer right away on the comments […]

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What to hold, what to fold in a falling rate environment

Please note that this is my only blog this week. I’m at the cottage as you read this. Beer. Bikes. […]

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