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Pop quiz: what’s next for the US market?

  I conduct a few “Technical analysis 101” lectures every year for investment clubs and university business students. At the […]

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Small caps: down but not out

  The small caps (U.S. Russell 2000 and iShares CDN small cap index fund) began declining in July, differing from […]

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One of these stocks is not like the other

          A reader asked me for a commentary on Canadian telecoms. To cover this sector, I […]

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Energy Sector: buy or avoid?

The energy sector has been tossed around a bit, given geopolitical events in Russia and Iraq . Geopolitical events, BTW, […]

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Contentedly Complacent

  Back in late 2007, when I still worked for CIBC Wood Gundy, one of my clients was interviewed by […]

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Walmart may signal market direction

Wal-Mart reports its Q2 financials this Thursday August 14th. As you will note on the longer termed chart above, the […]

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Retail is hurting

  I thought I would follow up on a commentary made on this blog back in May regarding the retail […]

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Opportunity in Chinese markets

  The Shanghai exchange is showing some interesting technicals that suggest a buying opportunity might be approaching. There are some caveats […]

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Temporary correction due

As the S&P 500 continues to ride the top of its trend channel, a few momentum divergences have appeared that […]

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Casino stocks: worth the gamble?

  We’ve been looking at some casino stocks lately. Certainly, it’s been a better  move to buy the casino stocks […]

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