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Social media: a sector ready to “Like”?

The Global social media ETF contains such well-known names as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp, and Google. When I tore the […]

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These 2 emerging markets look bullish

  The Indian market looks attractive right now. Earlier this year, the INP MSCI India index ETF broke out from […]

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Bicycling and the Bear-o-meter

  If you read the MoneyLetter, you may appreciate a 2-part column I am in the  process of writing for […]

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Put this sector on your shopping list

In my last blog, I noted a few sectors that may begin to give way – as markets rotate into higher […]

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Time to buy approaching!

I’m posting my S&P 500 chart with updated annotations that I’ve presented a few times over the past 3 weeks. […]

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Where have all the good times gone?

  Before we get started—if you live near Brantford, Ontario, come out and join us tomorrow at the Brantford Public […]

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A quick assessment of North American markets

    Nasdaq- see chart above The Nasdaq is still on-trend. Its testing its trendline right now, and is above […]

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Nasdaq downside target

Despite recent market weakness, the S&P 500 and broad NYSE stocks continue to show healthy depth of breadth. Note the […]

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Pop quiz: what’s next for the US market?

  I conduct a few “Technical analysis 101” lectures every year for investment clubs and university business students. At the […]

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Small caps: down but not out

  The small caps (U.S. Russell 2000 and iShares CDN small cap index fund) began declining in July, differing from […]

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