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Storms a comin’

The U.S. market has been the world’s super-star over the recent 6-year bull market. It’s been a fun ride, but […]

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Microsoft: buying opportunity or game over?

  I’ve mentioned in most of my speaking engagements, as well as in this blog and on my BNN appearances […]

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Will currencies hinder your Chinese and Indian securities?

You may be aware that I have been long the Chinese and Indian markets for the latter part of 2014 […]

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Small caps ready for large profits?

U.S. Small caps are looking interesting right now. The iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM) appears to be breaking the $120-ish […]

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Don’t listen to 2015 predictions

BNN hostess Frances Horodelski writes a piece for the BNN newsletter every day. I consider this daily update one of […]

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The Ying and the Yang of the S&P500

  Its pretty hard to predict how deep the current correction may run for the S&P500. There are positives suggesting […]

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Sorry, gold bugs

  Gold has rallied in the face of the recent selloff on world markets. That means the gold bear is […]

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Short termed pullback, but Santa still looks to be coming

  The Santa Claus Rally takes place in the final week of December – and sometimes carries on for a […]

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Consumer discretionary sector breaking out

  Consumer discretionary stocks are on the move. Above is the SPDR XLY discretionary ETF clearly illustrating this breakout. Within […]

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Emerging markets are not all the same!

  China and India look bullish I’ve blogged on a couple of favorite emerging markets lately. Specifically, I quite like […]

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