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Sell the rip, buy the dip?

I hope you watched my Market Alert video from early last week. If you did, you were forewarned about the […]

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Bear-o-meter risk/reward reading for September

Before getting started- a reminder that the Ask us Anything webinar is this Friday Sept 10th at 10am. You can […]

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Volatility will return

Today, I’d like to start off by directing you to a couple of video’s I recently posted covering some potential […]

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Long and short termed market outlook

Today, I’d like to take a look at a few factors that will influence the long termed market trend, and […]

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Bear-o-meter tipping between high risk and neutral

Every month, I record the reading of my “Bear-o-meter” risk/reward model for the US markets. This model attempts to compare […]

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Here’s a tool to help identify stocks about to crash

Regular readers of this blog are aware that I have been working on a new book on contrarian investment strategies. […]

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Can we talk about risk for a minute?

When you look at the tagline for ValueTrend, you might note that our motto is to “Limit your risk. Keep […]

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How low can it go?

On Sunday evening, after observing a market high last week, I wrote this blog explaining that I felt the US […]

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Are we in a bubble?

Are we in a bubble?  We’ll look at some charts of housing and the stock market today to see if […]

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Bear-o-meter says risk is neutral

The Bear-o-meter is a compilation consisting of of the some of the more important factors in determining the relative tradeoff […]

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