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Bear-o-meter is bullish, with a caveat

Right now we see a weak signal on market trend – but a very positive risk/reward reading by our Bear-o-meter.

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From Fed to Fundamentals

How we trade now, and in the future, must be dictated by the market.

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Quick n’ dirty market update

Today I do a review of the technical profiles of the S&P 500 (SPX), the NASDAQ, and  S&P TSX 300 (TSX) to determine if they look bullish or bearish

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This rally has some caveats

I can appreciate the confusion one might have over the mixture of bullish and bearish factors out there.

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Bear-o-meter pulls a “180”

For the first time since April 7th of 2022 – the ValueTrend Bear-o-meter has moved firmly into the “bullish” zone.

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Factors to consider when investing now

The next 10 years will be challenging for buy & hold investors

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Option trading & technical indicators suggest neartermed pullback

For now, certain technical and option trading indicators suggest a neartermed pullback.

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Go Johnny, go!

This pattern results in “EXTRODINARY OPPORTUNITY’

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Bear-o-meter shows risk still high

The Bear-o-meter is firmly in “High risk” territory

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Quick n’ dirty update

Here is a quick n’ dirty update on the markets from a technical and fundamental perspective.

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