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The NASDAQ still has muchas’ risk, Amigo’s!

Opportunity in the broader markets is approaching. But in my opinion, it isn’t here yet. 

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Anatomy of a trend change

Technical Analysis plays off of behavioral patterns that investors experience during market movements. I’m a specialist in contrarian /sentiment investing, […]

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Wake me up when September ends

I’ve noted on a few blogs, plus the ValueTrend Update Newsletter, that my technical target is for the SPX to land around 4200-4300.

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Bear-o-meter report for August 2023

This is monthly Bear-o-meter report. New readers should use the search engine to read more about how the meter works. […]

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I’m lookin’ at you, SPX!

I continue to think there is room for a correction, especially in the rather overbought tech stocks.

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Charts don’t lie: my new targets

While charts don’t lie, the headlines can indeed steer you wrong.

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The BS rally

BS baffles brains, as is said – and I believe this is a BS rally.

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Despite the current lunacy, there’s a bull market coming

The market is entrenched in a basing phase. This is great news, as it sets us up for the next phase, which is a breakout and bull trend. But that hasn’t happened yet.

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Same old song…

I’ve noted in recent blogs, including the most recent Bear-o-meter report, that market breath has been narrow during the recent […]

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The edge

Right now, we are not at a point of sentiment inflection that would imply a bullish breakout. 

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