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Ask me Anything: Answers Part 2

The next batch of questions involve market prognostics and sector rotation/tax loss selling victims. I’ve tied them into one general […]

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Mind the gap!

Gaps are a sign of excess. They are formed between two bars on a chart – represented by a space […]

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Shorter termed patterns to consider

As regular readers know, since mid-summer we’ve been POUNDING THE TABLE saying that stock markets were too focused on overpriced, overbought […]

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Bear-o-meter goes bullish

The Bear-o-meter is a risk/reward measurement tool that I’ve been using since 2013. It’s a compilation of indicators falling under […]

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The future ain’t what it used to be

I’ve made it clear that we at ValueTrend have been bearish coming into the US election. We’ve recently been holding […]

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Three investment strategies for the final quarter of 2020.

Two weeks ago, I noted on this blog that we were buying volatility (VIX) ETF’s to play the potential for […]

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Value may be your best investment choice in 2021

Growth stocks have been the place to be since the COVID crash. The iShares Morningstar Growth Index ETF is very […]

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Smart money may be selling this market.

The S&P 500 has been in a pattern that is considered bearish by some market observers. This pattern plays off […]

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4 ways to help offset US election volatility

An uncontested election seems to be priced by the stock market…which is interesting when you consider that both sides (Trump/Biden) […]

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Market rally may continue, but beware the “niggles”

I own an older model Porsche. I like it because its a purist car – a true drivers car for […]

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