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How low can it go?

  The S&P suffered a minor correction yesterday. This was followed by a turndown in RSI and MACD on the […]

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Mr. T’s Golden Rule

  1980’s macho-man, Mr. T., once said that he had his own Golden Rule: “The man with the gold – […]

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Have your cake and eat it too!

  As you may be aware, I  tend to become more defensive during the summer as part of the seasonal investing discipline. […]

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Nasdaq down but not out

                        Last week I broke a couple of ribs […]

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A case of bad breadth

The market, you might say, has “bad breadth”. Not to be confused with halitosis, bad market breadth indicates that it […]

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Don’t be crude

    WTIC crude oil has been in a fairly long termed triangular consolidation pattern. Take a look at the […]

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Selling stocks to buy bonds

Before getting to the main message, I’d like to note that I’ll be speaking this Thursday in Markham, Ontario on […]

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Nasdaq support

  Technical support was tested on the NAZ in April  since it broke its 1-year uptrend in late March. The […]

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Retail stocks may be ready to break down

  I’ve blogged and written numerous articles for the Globe & Mail, Investors Digest, Moneyletter on the subject of “The […]

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REIT’s and Utilities: Buy on weakness, or avoid?

  During the summer of 2013, REIT’s as a sector fell on average by about 15% from their May highs. […]

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