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Storms a comin’

The U.S. market has been the world’s super-star over the recent 6-year bull market. It’s been a fun ride, but […]

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Dow Theory says stay in the market for now.

Given the volatility of late, one might turn to the Dow Theory to ask if markets are showing signs of […]

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Small cap rally: a good sign?

Off the start, I would like to disclose that we have a position in the ETF discussed today—namely the iShares […]

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Short termed bond charts looking dangerous

The seasonal time to own bonds is from May to October, according the Thackray’s guide. Typically, as stock markets weaken […]

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Ignore this signal at your own peril

  Its getting dangerous out there, folks. The two charts shown today are courtesy of – who offer the […]

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Defensive securities rebounding: a warning sign?

  Typically, the time to buy the defensive sectors (bonds, utilities) is over the summer, and during market corrections.  Except […]

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Australia: home of fast moving markets – and fast cyclists

  Australia holds a couple of points of interest for me right now. First,  as a bicycle racer, I was […]

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Strong like bull!

  The past few days saw much of the Santa Clause Rally’s gain evaporate on the S&P 500 – although […]

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Don’t listen to 2015 predictions

BNN hostess Frances Horodelski writes a piece for the BNN newsletter every day. I consider this daily update one of […]

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Targets for the USD and loonie

  A number of investors have asked me if the US dollar has moved up too far, and if the […]

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