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Breadth divergence: Pending correction?

Market breadth is a measurement of the level of participation by the broader arena of stocks that trade on an […]

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The walking dead are back!

The Walking Dead is a television show produced by AMC—owned by Disney Corp (a stock ValueTrend owns). It’s a zombie […]

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Dumb Money confidence up, Smart Money confidence down: Time to sell?

Below is a chart, courtesy of, representing the optimism levels of “Smart Money”—that is, sophisticated traders such as commercial […]

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Is yield breaking out?

Canadian yield plays are trying to break out. While most of these sectors perform best over the summer according to […]

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Transports are confirming

Back in May of this year, I noted that the Dow transports were failing to confirm the new highs seen […]

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Copy cat

Readers of this blog along with followers of my media work know that I’m a believer in the contrarian indicators- […]

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The high cost of buy & hold

I recently had a conversation with a couple of investors who were currently dealing with big-bank brokerages. Coming from that […]

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Is it decision day for the market? I noted here that one of the buy signals I am looking for […]

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Stocks and sectors for your watch list

I’ve been pounding the table lately suggesting that a buy point is very close. Here are a few sectors and […]

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How to tell when its time to buy

How to tell when its time to buy I noted on my last blog that there may be a buying […]

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