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Key reversal day

  As I sat in my office last Thursday afternoon with my associate, Craig Aucoin (who is ValueTrend’s resident fundamental […]

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Healthcare is healthy, but may be due for a flu shot

  To remain healthy, trending stocks need to have occasional pullbacks. A bit of profit taking that pulls a stock […]

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Pop quiz: what’s next for the US market?

  I conduct a few “Technical analysis 101” lectures every year for investment clubs and university business students. At the […]

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Sometimes a low volume rally is bullish!

Its normal to see lower volume over the summer. However, it’s also fairly typical to see less upside on the […]

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Contentedly Complacent

  Back in late 2007, when I still worked for CIBC Wood Gundy, one of my clients was interviewed by […]

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Trend still bullish

  Regular readers of this blog know that I suggested a correction was quite overdue about a month ago –I […]

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Commodities breaking out

  The CRB index appears to have broken out of a large symmetrical triangle. Its consolidating at this moment, but […]

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How low can it go?

  The S&P suffered a minor correction yesterday. This was followed by a turndown in RSI and MACD on the […]

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Mr. T’s Golden Rule

  1980’s macho-man, Mr. T., once said that he had his own Golden Rule: “The man with the gold – […]

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Have your cake and eat it too!

  As you may be aware, I  tend to become more defensive during the summer as part of the seasonal investing discipline. […]

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