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Next stop: 200 day moving average

  I noted last week the news of the S&P500 cracking 1940. Shortly after that upside breakout, the bulls pushed […]

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Markets at an important juncture

We’re at what could be a tipping point for the stock market. Volatility has been high of late—swinging from massive […]

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Guilty until proven innocent

The S&P 500 is guilty of officially entering into a bear market this month, according to my rules, after the […]

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Afternoon money isn’t always smart money

There is a theory within technical analysis that says dumb  money moves in the morning, while smart money moves in […]

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Active managers are bad timers

An interesting sentiment study by was posted last week regarding the timing of active managers and their investment decisions. […]

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Reversal candle last week

Both the daily charts and the weekly charts show a “Hammer” formation last week. The hammer is a pretty good […]

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The sky is falling!

It’s becoming increasingly probable that we are reaching, or have reached a capitulation bottom for this stage for the markets. […]

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Bull, Bear, Bull

  Let’s get right down to it: A quick look at some indicators that may offer guidance to the markets […]

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Short termed bounce

It would appear that the summer lows for the US markets will be retested fairly soon. I would think that […]

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Special edition blog: Macro view

I like to go through a few macro indicators that I use when faced with a sudden violent movement on […]

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