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Bear-o-meter continues to read high risk

The Bear-o-meter is a compilation of indicators that quantitatively measure the potential risk/reward tradeoffs for the US markets. It follows […]

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Slowing GDP growth & rising inflation. Believe it or not: There’s money to be made in this mess!

I wanted to tie in a little more data concerning my strong opinion re a coming recessionary environment. I wrote […]

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My gut, and history, are telling me some things about this market

For years now, North American  economies have been mainly consumer driven.  That consumption has been fueled by money printing and […]

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My current market strategy

The market is now in “sell everything” mode. This should provide some clue as to how much longer and deeper […]

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Run for the hills?

You guys know the scoop with the Bear-o-meter. Every month I post the results of this multi-dimensional quantitative risk/return market […]

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As always, I like to post links to past blogs for accountability to you, the good readership. In this way, […]

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Rally looks to have started, but keep these things in mind if you play it

For the past few weeks, I have been strongly suggesting the likelihood of a “tradable bounce” within the context of […]

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Trading Lessons from past bear markets

Let’s be clear. I believe the index lows (S&P 500 and Nasdaq) have yet to happen. The current environment has […]

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Time for a bounce

On my Bear-o-meter blog from the weekend, I noted that the indicators point towards high risk, despite a neartermed potential […]

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Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas (not!)

Back in January, I began warning you of the longer termed bearish picture for the markets. One of the things […]

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