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Do poor earnings mean declining markets?

If earnings don’t follow through, and companies earn less than expected, stocks could be very vulnerable to a correction.

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Where will the markets go from here?

Probably not a bad thing to own the best Canadian index ETF’s at this time.

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Watching out for Klingons

There is merit in having at least some caution at this time.

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Neartermed overbought markets suggest pullback

Markets are looking a little stretched.

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What happens after the Santa rally ends?

Merry Christmas! Quick Christmas blog as we watch the Santa rally–which officially ends on the second trading day of January. […]

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Bear-o-meter suggests some signs of concern

Today we’ll take the monthly reading of the risk/reward compilation known as the “Bear-o-meter”. Most of you know how this […]

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The long and short of it all

I’m going to use any neartermed pullback to add to positions to play the market out to its probable return to old time highs.

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The king is dead. Long live the king.

Wow. When this market moves, it moves! It took 3 months for the SPX to lose 10%. Looks like it […]

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Neartermed trading plan

What’s next for the market? Today we look at my neartermed timing system to get some ideas.

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My, how things change

Early last week, I wrote my monthly Bear-o-meter report. The reading indicated a poor risk/reward tradeoff. However, I didn’t feel […]

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