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What happens when the music stops?

As NVDA and the select few strong tech stocks continue to knock it outta the park, one cannot help but […]

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Risk is a 4-letter word.

You read in my most recent Bear-o-meter report that the score has moved from a 3 (weak-neutral) to 1 (higher […]

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Bear-o-meter – Investment Analysis – June 2024 – shows high risk

This months score has pulled back from a score of “3” in May to a much more distressing “1” as of today’s data. That’s just one point off of the worst score possible. As an example – the score of “0” was given in early April 2022, just before the market dropped over 20% that year.

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Is AI a bubble?

Is this a bubble, or is AI the real deal? The answer is yes. To both. AI’s economic promise is […]

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Bearish engulfing candle may give us a neartermed sell signal

Short one today. For what its worth, what we saw yesterday was a key reversal type bar—specifically, a Bearish Engulfing […]

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Is last weeks market rally about to end?

Today we will look at my target for the current rally, which I originally predicted in my April 20th blog. […]

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Sell the rip!

“Buy the dip. Sell the rip”. This is an expression used by traders. We’ve just seen a dip, and may […]

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Market update

Lets look at the probabilities of easier money in 2024 – and at the neartermed technical profile for US & […]

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Currently, the S&P is showing early stages of a correction. I have noted recently that my target is for the […]

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Is the VIX signaling a sell?

A reader posted a comment asking me about the VIX. I gave her a quick reply, basically noting that it […]

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