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Why you need to think for yourself: yet another example

At my recent MoneyShow seminar on contrarian investing, I started the presentation off by asking the audience to put up […]

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Market outlook – inflation, recession, and opportunities

This is one of those “more important” blogs, folks. Its a bit longer than normal, but its important. Take the […]

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Food for thought

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will have received the research report noting our argument for the potential of […]

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Bear-o-meter continues to suggest the bear market ain’t over

The ValueTrend Bear-o-meter is a compilation of 11 factors broadly looking at the relative risk vs. reward tradeoff for the […]

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Does the bear market have more downside?

Is the bear market over, or does it have more to go?

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A must-see interview

Interview with Craig Basinger: Last week I recorded a video with a long-time professional associate of mine, Craig Basinger. Craig […]

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A bit of fundamental data, and this month’s Bear-o-meter reading

Today, as it is the beginning of a new month, I will once again take a reading of the Bear-o-meter compilation. […]

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4 reasons I don’t trust this rally

I usually like to quote other analysts and sources for a backdrop in these blogs, but today I am going […]

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How high will it fly?

With the Fed coming out with its statement this week, markets will probably nervous through to Wednesday in anticipation. Regular […]

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Bear-o-meter continues to read high risk

The Bear-o-meter is a compilation of indicators that quantitatively measure the potential risk/reward tradeoffs for the US markets. It follows […]

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