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Comfortably numb

  This blog is a recap of a client update that we are sending out. I thought it would be […]

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First, the good news…

The good news I read with great interest a recent report from my favorite market statistician, Jason Goepfert ( Jason […]

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TSX may be nearing an entry point

I’m posting this blog today (Friday Feb 2nd) in lieu of Monday’s usual blog. I’m on BNN on Monday at […]

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How long can this keep going on?

The 1970’s group ACE wrote a hit song from which I borrowed today’s title. Here’s a video of that song, […]

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How quickly we forget

Humans are myopic by nature. Market participants move in tandem through waves of cautious optimism, to irrational  buying exuberance,  to […]

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A case for midcaps

A friend in the industry who isn’t as analytical about the markets as I am (which is often a way […]

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Armchair Elliott Wave

Elliott Wave Theory (EWT)  gives us a rough map of where we are in the investment cycle. It’s kind of […]

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Trading Places

One of my favorite Eddy Murphy movies was Trading Places. It’s a great story starring Dan Ackroyd as a successful […]

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Horizontal mambo

Life is a horizontal fall (Jean Cocteau: French writer, designer, playwright) I wrote a blog that was well received back […]

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Seasonal patterns for the summer

Allow me to quote John Murphy’s recent message from his blog on”   “Most corrections occur during the late […]

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