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Trading covid cycles

Can you make money off Covid trends? Today, I’d like to examine how we might participate in Covid trending trades. […]

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4 reasons for more chop on the markets!

Stock markets look like they may have a bit more room to correct before resuming the bullish trend. As a […]

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This market might be in a bubble, so profit by it!

Lately, I’ve seen plenty of market commentary espousing the potential for the markets to be in “bubble territory”. CNN, the […]

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And today in the news…

A few basic technical notes on the major NA indices today, followed by a few points of interest to all […]

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Consider these trades for future opportunities

The challenge: everyone’s onboard the same train The most crowded trades in the recent bull market have been: US stock […]

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Has the rotation begun?

I’m convinced that technology and stay-at-home stocks will outperform over the longer term. However, it is my belief that in […]

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More market musings

Lately I’ve been posting the odd blog with musings and thoughts of my own, and some drawn from various outside […]

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Does it matter to investors who wins the US election?

I read somewhere that lower corporate taxes (in the USA) were responsible for about 10 per cent of share price […]

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Have your cake & eat it too.

I’ve noted here that a handful (11, actually) of  growth stocks have been responsible for the majority of the post-March […]

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FOMO: Learning from a legend, and the next stocks to buy

Incompetent people are at a double disadvantage since they are not only incompetent, but unaware of it. Behavioral Scientist, April […]

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