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A few observations

As an investor, you need to ignore those who would influence you, and follow your rules.

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The pain cycle

Inflation matters, government policy matters, and completing the Pain cycle matters!

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Investing in the swamp

Indications are that the SPX is breaking down from its 4100 key technical level.

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From Fed to Fundamentals

How we trade now, and in the future, must be dictated by the market.

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Near termed & mid termed view, and a case for small caps

I think that the market has a decent chance of a short termed rally. Thereafter, the market looks like it might continue its downward trajectory for a while.

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History lessons

History offers clues to suggest that the market could get ugly next year.

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Market insights to start your week

We view the potential for some neartermed upside similar to the August rally

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Market outlook – inflation, recession, and opportunities

This is one of those “more important” blogs, folks. Its a bit longer than normal, but its important. Take the […]

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Playing the Fed’s bluff

The market has risen sharply off of its June lows through July and August. This was largely driven by the […]

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Recent price behavior vs. Historic bear market patterns: my current strategy

I have posted similar charts to today’s just a few months ago, but I thought it was time for a […]

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