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Do poor earnings mean declining markets?

If earnings don’t follow through, and companies earn less than expected, stocks could be very vulnerable to a correction.

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What happens if it hits the fan?

You guys may recall my interview with market historian David Chapman. David Chapman interview: A lesson in history applied to […]

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Hold the line

We’re tempted to say fasten your seatbelts; it’s going to be a bumpy night

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Short, mid, and long termed views

Some thoughts on the short and long termed market view today.

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Show me the money

Through this blog, I attempt to help you, the good readership, understand some of the strategies we utilize to achieve solid risk adjusted returns.

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More reasons to recession-proof your portfolio

Whether its a “hard landing” or “soft landing” – certain stock sectors do better than others during the recession or slower economic phase of the cycle

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A few observations

As an investor, you need to ignore those who would influence you, and follow your rules.

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The pain cycle

Inflation matters, government policy matters, and completing the Pain cycle matters!

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Investing in the swamp

Indications are that the SPX is breaking down from its 4100 key technical level.

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From Fed to Fundamentals

How we trade now, and in the future, must be dictated by the market.

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