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Ask me Anything: Answers part 1

Last week I posted a blog noting I would answer reader questions assuming they would be of interest to the […]

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Using the “F” word

I’ve asked ValueTrend’s Fundamental Analyst Craig Aucoin, CFA, to write today’s blog.  On Thursday March 12th at 2:00PM we will […]

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Is ESG investing profitable?

I’ve been in the investment business for pretty much exactly 30 years. Having started in 1990, I’ve seen my share […]

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Sideways stocks worthy of consideration

I like stocks that are trading sideways. In fact, I like them so much that I named my Technical Analysis […]

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Three strategies for high growth stocks

lower liquidity growth orientated securities

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Ask me anything answers: #2

A couple of other questions came in from last weeks “Ask me Anything” blog Below are the answers to my […]

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4 myths of trading

When I first began studying Technical Analysis in the early 1990’s, it was considered a form of witchcraft or voodoo. […]

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The rise of volatility, and the decline of cooler heads

Media Planet interviewed me for an article—I thought I would reprint my answers to their questions with a bit of […]

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Don’t be the dip buying the dip!

Please bear with me as I migrate through some brief theories in economics. I will get to the technical message […]

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Bear-o-meter bullish indicators

The ValueTrend Bear-o-meter has moved up one point to read 7/8 on the risk reward scale. This implies that the […]

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