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Using the Power of Technical Analysis to Profit in any Market

LEARN HOW TO PROFIT IN ANY MARKET I am happy to announce the release of my long awaited course, Using […]

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Does the Time Person of the year award indicate positive stock performance for Tesla?

Time Magazines “Person of the year” (also known as man or woman of the year in the past) is Elon […]

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You don’t want to miss this!

I have something special for you this week. Recently, I presented an argument to the CSTA (Canadian Society of Technical […]

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Ask us anything Zoom webinar

On Friday September 10th, at 10:00 AM EST we are holding a Zoom Seminar which will feature a Question & […]

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Ask me Anything Answers Part 3- The Loch Ness monster pattern!

Big one today, folks…This is the final installment of the AMA questions asked by readers. Today, lets take a look […]

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Ask me anything answers: Part 2

Here we go with the second batch of “answers” to last week’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) blog. I’m combining a […]

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Ask me anything answers: Part 1

As always, its great to see so many questions come through for these semi-regular “Ask me Anything” blogs. AMA for […]

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Ask me anything!

Our most popular blog topic, “Ask me anything”, is back. This is your chance to ask me questions on the […]

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Diversification goes beyond asset allocation

  A recent academic paper studied investment firms who employ Portfolio Managers with similar academic backgrounds vs. those with diverse […]

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Ask Me Anything: Zoom Seminar

Next Friday January 29th at 11:00 AM EST we are holding a Zoom Seminar which will feature a Question & […]

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