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Two contrarian plays

Criticize the Americans all you wish, but the fact remains that their market has remained the strongest in the world, […]

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India: Buy, hold or sell?

India, via the Bombay Stock Exchange, looks to be at an important juncture. The index is on the verge of […]

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Nikkei chart looks like Mount Fuji

I blogged on Japan exactly 2 years ago, noting a break in the downtrend at that time:   After […]

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China syndrome: are the good times over?

  The China Securities Regulatory Commission created new rules on margin lending and promoted the use of short selling last […]

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European market at near termed resistance

The iShares Europe 350 index ETF (IEV) broke its uptrend last year via a pattern that some might identify as […]

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Opportunity in Europe?

A reader asked me to blog on Europe, so I will cover it in this blog. Europe is a big place […]

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