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Playing the Brexit trade

Opinion polls seem to shift daily surrounding the “Leave vs. Stay” outcome for Britain – although at this time of […]

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Resource based economies breaking out

Oil put in a possible technical bottom earlier this year. So too did most of the materials, including copper (below) […]

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Down but not out

A few readers seemed to enjoy my blog from a couple of weeks ago on the subject of “Fallen Angels”. […]

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Don’t listen to bulls on Europe

Not being one to “name names”, I won’t pick on anyone in my profession (Canadian or American) who were recommending […]

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Malaysia- an opportunity approaching?

I like ripping through various charts of world indices (via their respective ETF’s) once in a while. Malaysia caught my […]

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The Euro may be ready to move

The Euro spent much of 2015 basing after its substantial decline in 2014. I recently overlaid the Euro/USD spot price […]

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For Those Who Like Roller Coasters

  Do you like roller coasters? If you do—are you more of the big climb, big fall type of rider—or […]

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Contrarian investing opportunity

Greek lawmakers approved a package of economic changes and austerity measures earlier this month, allowing them to begin accessing a […]

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Two contrarian plays

Criticize the Americans all you wish, but the fact remains that their market has remained the strongest in the world, […]

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India: Buy, hold or sell?

India, via the Bombay Stock Exchange, looks to be at an important juncture. The index is on the verge of […]

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