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Are there safe markets to hide in if US markets decline?

One of the questions that came in from my “Ask me anything” blog was from a reader named Paul. He […]

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China trade negotiations also a trading opportunity for the stock market?

It is almost a fact that the US/China trade deal will be reached sooner rather than later. I feel that […]

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Hate mail and Love letters

At ValueTrend, we’ve been pretty concerned about the overbought conditions on the markets. Sure, we rode the rally for a […]

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Look outside of North America for opportunities

America may be known as the “land of opportunity” insofar as its more liberty / entrepreneur environment. That being said […]

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Opportunity in Emerging Markets

The great thing about Technical Analysis is that it is dynamic. If you read my blog regularly, you will know […]

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Will the trade deal launch the European markets?

We pulled most of our non-North American exposure from the ValueTrend Equity Platform at the beginning of the year—and disposed […]

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Europe not on my radar

Last year, we held a position in a broad market ETF that represented a global cross-section of country stocks. Earlier […]

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Trading China’s 2 year trading range

The Shanghai has been meandering between 3000 to 3300 since early 2016. That’s two years of sideways nothingness. The index […]

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Investing in Europe—not as straight forward as you’d think

Before we get started, here is my BNN show from Monday.   Should investors buy into the high flying European […]

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A case for midcaps

A friend in the industry who isn’t as analytical about the markets as I am (which is often a way […]

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