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Is China actually imploding?

The press is having a field day with the story that China is imploding.  Furthermore, while China’s equity markets are […]

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If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking

A breakout by BABA from the current pattern, should it occur, offers much more upside than the overbought picture that AAPL currently offers. 

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6 international ETF’s

Sorry for the delay. Last week I promised my 6-country ETF video review would be published by Friday, but we […]

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Watching for new investment opportunities.

The future probably ain’t what it used to be…but that doesn’t mean its not full of opportunities!

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Midterms & market prognostications

US equities tend to weaken into elections and rally after elections.

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4 International markets worth looking at

This may be my only blog this week, as I am having a “kinda sorta like” vacation. I actually rarely […]

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Chinese Internet stocks are setting up for a potential breakout

I believe we are witnessing a basing pattern that could lead into a bullish breakout for Chinese internet stocks. This […]

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A quick update on china

Today I want to offer a quick follow-up on China. At the end of July in this blog, I explored […]

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Big opportunity in Chinese stocks?

Lots of questions regarding the big selloff in China of late. Is this one of those times where – as […]

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Time to turn Japanese?

Do you remember that song from the 1980’s called “Turning Japanese”? Great song performed by The Vapors. I wonder if […]

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