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Big opportunity in Chinese stocks?

Lots of questions regarding the big selloff in China of late. Is this one of those times where – as […]

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Time to turn Japanese?

Do you remember that song from the 1980’s called “Turning Japanese”? Great song performed by The Vapors. I wonder if […]

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More market musings

Lately I’ve been posting the odd blog with musings and thoughts of my own, and some drawn from various outside […]

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Comfortably numb

We noted something interesting on a research conference call. Normally, a news headline dominates traditional and investment media sources. This […]

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Charts to watch

Here are some charts I am following for various reasons. I’ll look at the loonie, WTI oil, Canadian oil, the […]

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Emerging Markets: Opportunity or Bust?

Today, lets a quick look at the Emerging markets, and the “Frontier” markets. Both of these markets represent countries that […]

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Opportunities abroad.

There’s a decent chance that market participants may turn to international markets and individuals plays over the coming year. After […]

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Keeping a Zen mind on the Shanghai

The longer I’m in this business, the more I appreciate the Zen Buddhist philosophy – especially when applied to the […]

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Are there safe markets to hide in if US markets decline?

One of the questions that came in from my “Ask me anything” blog was from a reader named Paul. He […]

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China trade negotiations also a trading opportunity for the stock market?

It is almost a fact that the US/China trade deal will be reached sooner rather than later. I feel that […]

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