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Emerging markets ETF’s looking good

A reader asked me why, in my latest blog, I noted a technical breakout on the markets as bullish, yet […]

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Today we’ll talk about Fed monetary policy outlook. We’ll also review an opportunity in China and oil that may be […]

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Contrast & compare

Today is contrast n’ compare day!  We’ll contrast & compare Canadian. vs. US Treasury bond markets.  Then we’ll contrast & […]

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A tale of two cities

its obvious that we should pay equal attention to the probability of an overbought pullback on the US tech sector

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Today, lets look at China. Yesterday’s pop in their market is catching a few eyes. Is this the beginning of […]

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Musings and Opportunity in Chinese Tech Stocks

Musings today:  Forward return potentials for the SPX based on normalized PE ratios, US stagflation and top performers in this […]

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Is China actually imploding?

The press is having a field day with the story that China is imploding.  Furthermore, while China’s equity markets are […]

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If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking

A breakout by BABA from the current pattern, should it occur, offers much more upside than the overbought picture that AAPL currently offers. 

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6 international ETF’s

Sorry for the delay. Last week I promised my 6-country ETF video review would be published by Friday, but we […]

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Watching for new investment opportunities.

The future probably ain’t what it used to be…but that doesn’t mean its not full of opportunities!

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